Trek to Ghorepani, a Paradise for Short Journey Takers

Trekking from Beni to Ghorepani is a fulfilling experience. It is in fact a paradise for short journey takers like me. For someone who cannot put forward a single step after walking only a few kilometers, the trek to Ghorepani will be a dream come true. So if you are putting off your desire for hiking because of your poor stamina then trust me Ghorepani will work wonders for you as it did for me. However, be sure to carry with you the mountaineering mantra “Take nothing but photographs; leave nothing but footprints”
You have a few route choices you can make on your journey to Ghorepani. You can easily hike towards the destination from Pokhara or you can take a long trip via Beni and enjoy the panoramic villages along the way.

Ghorepani Trek
Ghorepani Trek

A couple of my friends and I took a morning bus to Beni from Kathmandu and it took us about eight hours to reach there. Upon reaching, we strolled through the streets and stayed at a hotel for the night. Please do make sure that you book a hotel or lodge in advance and consult with someone who frequents the area or a professional travel agency.

We got up early the next morning, had a hearty breakfast and started walking up the hill. We would meet a few locals who would accompany us is in parts of our journey and share with us local tales about the mountains. After walking uphill for almost six hours we finally reach a plain trail whereby we stop for a quick lunch. While waiting, we chat with the local shopkeeper who tells us that Nangi now is only an hour away. We thanked the shopkeeper for his hospitality and headed for the trail which was a boon considering the distance we had covered ascending.

We reached Nangi in the evening and stayed at a local school for the night. I then sauntered around the locality and absorbed its exotic beauty. The place was magical and would help anyone resituate their soul and be one with their sense of self. The quiet of Nangi was indeed a much needed contrast to the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu I was accustomed to.

We trekked along the jeep route for the initial part the next day, after which we began discovering some shortcuts. The day was beautiful-bright sunny weather with cool breeze, beautiful Himalayas, forests lush and rhododendrons. I must have thanked my friends a thousand times for pushing me to take this journey with them. I cannot even remember the exact time we reached Ghorepani, because the whole journey was so beautiful. And when I stopped walking to glare at the mountains that stood so tall and proud right before me I realized that this journey was a success. As cliched as this may sound no amount of words can describe how you feel when you’re so close to the mountains. So if you are dreading hiking yet want to try it desperately, the trek to Ghorepani will be an astounding adventure. Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges give you a sense of power, a sense of accomplishment. As for me, I was indeed happy to have been a part of the adventure.

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