Bhutan: a piece of paradise on Earth

Bhutan, a piece of paradise on Earth, is a travelers’ dream destination in the world. Bhutan’s serene natural splendors, gorgeous landscapes, stunning snow-capped mountains, magnificent monasteries and fortresses, temples and stupas, scenic countryside, green meadows with blossoming flowers and grazing yaks, rich and ancient but intact culture and more of all the friendly people, have made it a truly top global travel destination.


Plan for a Bhutan tour and find out how the Last ‘Shangri-La’ is truly a paradise in Earth. While traveling to Bhutan, discover one of the least discovered countries on the globe. For centuries the kingdom has kept a tight leash on number of Bhutan travelers. This has helped Bhutan to preserve its cultural and natural heritage from outer influence. The moment you land at the dream destination, you find tradition and modernity deliberately running side by side. Bhutanese are deeply religious but at the same time they do not shun away from modern amenities. During your Bhutan travel you will more than often come across men and women surfing the net on their 3G phones wearing traditional dress. You can easily realize this during your Bhutan trip by just looking around at numerous both ancient and new monasteries, stupas and temples.

Another way of seeking experience of a paradise in Bhutan is, you have to immerses in to the Bhutanese festivals or at least make a Bhutan tour with Paro Festival and Hikes. Bhutan is rich in cultural diversity and this richness is further enhanced by the wide variety of colorful religious festivals that are celebrated throughout the country. While every village is known for their own unique festival, the annual Tshechu festivals are most widely known. Furthermore, Bhutan is a land deeply immersed into Buddhist beliefs, people of Bhutan have practiced unmodified religious ceremonies for centuries. Bhutan has over 40 such vibrant festivals through a calendar year, rich with colors, dance drama depictions and series of chants and prayers. During the striking festivities, Bhutanese dress in their finest clothes and congregate at neighboring temples or monasteries where the festivities begin. Various mask dances and music are performed throughout the festivals. It is only now that the world has been allowed to witness these exotic rituals.

Beyond festival experience, trekking in Bhutan also provides heavenly experience on Earth through walking in the unspoilt regions of Bhutanese Himalayas. Treks ranging from couple of days to almost a month take you through the least explored territory in the world. Whether it the Jumolhari Trek or The Snowman Trek or Dagala Thousand Lake Trek, all these are very diverse experiences in terms of the natural beauty they present, the flora and fauna one comes across, high altitude fishing. Overall, trekking in Bhutan takes one to base camps of peaks never conquered and paths least traveled. Besides this, if you go for Bhutan tour with Trekking, you can explore the true essence of Bhutanese culture, countryside, breathtaking range of natural wonders, and striking sights of Himalayas.

Bhutanese Happiness is another yardstick that measures it being a perfect land of paradise. Bhutan is the only country in the world to measure itself in happiness. GNH is an attempt to measure quality of life in holistic terms rather than in gross domestic product. The four pillars of GNH are the promotion of sustainable development, preservation and promotion of cultural values, conservation of the natural environment, and establishment of good governance. During your trip to Bhutan, explore its national identity and Bhutanese lifestyle. Bhutan is often touted as a haven of innocence in our rapid and frenzied world – a kingdom where all things are measured with the intangible yardstick of compassion and wisdom. This may have been resulted from deeply rooted Buddhist folklore and mythology, featuring paramount deeds and supernatural beings. Most of the Bhutanese have their lives revolved around Buddhism, resulting in a rare and beautiful sense of trust imbued within them.

Bhutanese culture is another site that provides you a heavenly travel experience. If you are really a cultural enthusiast then it is better to go for Bhutan Cultural Tour which helps you to be at the close proximity of unique culture that developed in the Himalayas. Many complex customs and traditions exist in Bhutan. While traveling for paradise experience in Bhutan, you discover different cultural practices based on Buddhism. Besides, you explore ancient and historical monasteries, temples, fortresses and even an alternate life style. Bhutan presents to its visitors real Buddhist culture and philosophy.

Besides spectacular mountains, age-old culture and monasteries, Bhutan is also a paradise for bird watchers. Blessed with tremendous beauty of nature, Bhutan is home to majestic taintless greenery that houses over 670 species of birds with more to discover. Bhutan is very passionate about its natural heritage and goes to a great length to protect and nurture it. There are numerous trails through forest where one can come across some of the rarest and endangered bird species thriving.

Bhutan, to be brief, really unfolds the supreme beauty of unspoilt nature, intact age-old cultural tradition, and hospitable people to the world travelers. A Bhutan tour is considered a once in a lifetime experience. It is truly a paradise in the Himalayas.

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