Traveling amid the ongoing COVID Pandemic

Since the end of 2019 COVID pandemic has created chaos all over the world. The global contagion has changed the basic lifestyle along with all other aspects of our lives. In the current times, hand sanitizers, face masks, social distancing are the new normal, which shows how much impact the novel virus has caused. The most significant impact, however, has been on travel.

As preventive measures for COVID, countries imposed lockdowns, closed borders, banned international flights, and enforced travel restrictions. While all those measures are the right choices to prevent the spread of the virus they are also increasing the feeling of loneliness, stress, anxiety, and fear among people.

Wearing mask has become the new normal
Wearing mask has become the new normal

Normally, travel is a medium to escape stress but that option is not easily accessible because of coronavirus travel restrictions. However, things are getting better with vaccines being developed rapidly. Even though the pandemic is not completely within control, people are no longer willing to keep their lives on hold and eagerly looking forward to resuming traveling. And that is somehow understandable because it has been quite a long time now.

Should you travel during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

When a pandemic is spreading throughout the world, it becomes each one’s responsibility to take sensible precautions and effective measures to control the spreading. From a healthy sense of perspective, the best thing to do is to keep all travel plans on hold for now.

However, the COVID pandemic is no more just in the spreading stage; it has already caused havoc in almost every corner of the world. Travel plans have been on hold for more than one and a half years, which is a long time. And as per experts, the situation might not change anytime soon.

Sauna successfully completed the Mount Kilimanjaro Climb during the pandemic without any casualties
Sauna successfully completed the Mount Kilimanjaro Climb during the pandemic without any casualties

So now, traveling is narrowed down to personal choice – are you willing to travel during a pandemic? If you are, the first and foremost thing is, of course to comply with the government rules both in your country and the country you plan to travel to. Having said that, you need to take all the preventive measures to do your part in controlling the pandemic. Your travel choices must be safe and responsible.

Who is eligible to travel in the current situation?

Well, the term ‘eligible for travel’ does sound vague in this context. But, this is the new normal given the ongoing situation where COVID has caused huge chaos worldwide. 

However, after more than one and a half years, vaccines have been developed, and vaccination has started rampantly almost all over the world. In the US alone, more than 25% of US citizens have been fully vaccinated as of now. And many people are getting vaccinated, while keeping an eye out on travel options wondering where to travel after getting fully vaccinated.

Going on a trip during the ongoing pandemic

Countries like Tanzania, Thailand, and other European nations are opening their borders for fully vaccinated travelers. Further, many countries are welcoming travelers with some requirements like negative PCR test reports and quarantine. So, we can say that fully vaccinated people and those who are willing to fulfill other mentioned requirements are actually eligible to travel.

However, even if you are vaccinated, you need to take extra precautions because the vaccine might make you immune to the virus. Still, it does not eliminate your chances of being a carrier. And for those travelers who are traveling with negative PCR test reports, you need to take all the safety measures to ensure that the report stays negative. 

Travel amid uncertainty

Well, as a result of the ongoing situation, your travel options are uncertain. Even if you plan on traveling during COVID, your desired destination might not be welcoming travelers. Further, if you are lucky enough and your desired travel destination is actually welcoming travelers, you can’t be certain as the situation could change drastically overnight. 

In this situation, we suggest looking for a more flexible travel option where you get assurances for uncertainties. In fact, many tour operators are offering flexible tour packages where you get free cancellation policies or even change trip dates.

Are there any pros of traveling during a pandemic?

Many countries are lifting travel bans for fully vaccinated travelers and those who are willing to comply with their other preventive requirements. And, if you are eager to resume traveling and fall into that category then the ongoing situation might be a good time for you to travel.

Kevin completed the Everest Base Camp Trek successfully and without any issue amid the pandemic

Further, there are some extra merits of traveling during this situation:

  • The number of people traveling amid the pandemic is quite low. So, if you are someone who has always wished for a more peaceful travel experience, then this is precisely the right time for you because travel destinations will never be as empty as it is now.
  • You will get more personalized services. Since the number of travelers has decreased, the travel industry has become more flexible with their travel packages and willing to provide customized services.
  • To revive the travel industry, lots of travel and tour operators are offering the best packages at discounted rates and other special offers. You will get to travel to your dream destination at the best price ever.
  • Because of the ongoing pandemic all hospitality sectors have been more cautious than ever for the sake of traveler’s safety.

Some Optimism in Travel amid, ongoing Pandemic

Well, even though the world is still battling the pandemic, we can see a ray of hope; as many countries have already resumed travel and tourism, taking necessary precautions. Further, if you are already vaccinated for COVID 19, you have even more options.

In the ongoing situation, if you know where to travel, you can avoid a lot of hassle and ensure a safe travel during the COVID Pandemic. Many European countries, including Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Croatia, are eager to bring travelers. Iceland has already reopened borders for fully vaccinated travelers, while many other countries welcome travelers with negative PCR reports. 

Considering the current situation, making smart travel decisions and ensuring safe travel is a must. For that, we recommend avoiding popular travel options. Instead, opting for adventure travel like trekking, hiking, and even mountaineering will be a wise decision.

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