Himalayan Holidays with Himalayan Glacier

Discover the amazing landscapes that are Truly Himalayas whereby allow you for both holiday and adventure. Join the Himalayan Glacier’s holiday package tour, hike through the raw beauty of Himalayas’ rainforest and wilderness, and find the longest river in the country, tallest mountain in the world and the greatest spiritual experience.

Experience your toes nibble by crispy dew. Explore to the remote communities living unique cultural lives and the land of ethnic groups of people in South Asia. Stay in from traditional Nepalese homestay to sophisticated hotels with soothing therapy of traditional spa. As exciting as it is, go Himalaya, see the beautiful mountain massif and have holidays in the Himalayas!

At Himalayan Glacier you get more than just tours – you will receive excellent service from people who know and a company that cares.

We know what it takes to make holidays memorable. Our experience in selling a travel destination, our intimate knowledge of the Himalayas and our willingness to listen to our customers are our major strengths. The team at Himalayan Glacier is well regarded in the industry.

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