Top 5 Reasons to Choose Manaslu Circuit Trek

Adventures in the Himalayas can be both grueling and rejuvenating at the same time. While Nepal offers numerous trekking trails in and around the mountains, each one of them provides spectacular views to take pleasure in. Despite the exhausted body, Trekking in Nepal always rewards you with indelible memories to take back home. Among several trekking destinations in Nepal, Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the fascinating trekking trails. This trail takes you to the foothills of the world’s 8th highest mountain, Mt. Manaslu. Also, you will circumnavigate Mt. Manaslu while enjoying the close-up view of the neighboring Himalayan peaks.

Not to mention the walk along the off-the-beaten and isolated trail through Manaslu Conservation Area, the trekking route is overflowing with assorted flora and fauna. While this trekking trail is naturally abundant, it also offers an unrivaled cultural immersion. With this trail, you will get a chance to delve into the unique cultures of the remote villages around this most prized Himalayan peak. Well, for the souls willing to meander around the remote villages of Nepal and marvel at the ravishing views of the Himalayas, the Manaslu Circuit Trek will be a remarkable pick. Besides, mentioned below are the top 5 reasons to choose Manaslu Circuit Trek. 

Photo of the Manaslu Region, a place for unparalleled natural escape

1. Unparalleled natural escape

While Nepal presents several trekking trails for travelers, Manaslu trek stands out with its complete natural symphony topped with cultural belongings and epic exploration. This impeccable trek takes you through the magnificent lakes and icy masses of the Manaslu district. Throughout the trail, as the elevation increases, you will come across diverse fauna. Blue sheep, known as Bharal, a  greyish-colored Ram, Himalayan Tahr, pika, are among the few species making the Himalayas their home. Among these faunas, snow leopards prove to be the most elusive ones blending entirely in the snow. However, their sightings are infrequent in this region. 

Furthermore, you will enjoy the ever-changing views of Mt. Manaslu during your trek. The look of the snow-covered mountains changes from a distinct peak to a trilateral summit to panoramic vistas. From Lho, you can marvel at the dominant peak while from Samdo, you will be mesmerized by the single triangular summit.  Also, you can stare agape at the panoramic vistas from Larkya La Pass, which is the highest point (5160 meters/16,752 ft) during the entire trek. Likewise, you are also likely to witness the majestic Ganesh Himal, Himlung Himal, and Cheo Himal along with a few glimpses of the Annapurna range.  

2. Remote villages and tranquil trails

Manaslu circuit trekking takes you through the rustic and diverse landscapes of the remote villages of Nepal. For trekkers seeking a trek through the different cultures and traditions, the people living in the Manaslu area are ever-welcoming. This trek is bound to take you back in time. Walking in these isolated foothills of Himalayas will take you several years back into the past. In these scattered villages, you can immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle of several ethnic communities. As these trails are least visited, it allows you to delve exclusively into the unspoiled beauty of the forlorn villages.

Manaslu circuit trek, with its tranquil trails, is one of the most isolated treks in Nepal. This trekking trail passes through a narrow cliff of Manaslu offering the trekkers with experiences that they never had before. In comparison to Annapurna Base Camp Trek or Everest Base Camp Trek,  Manaslu Circuit trekking is less identified, resulting in isolated trails. This is one reason why you will encounter only a few trekkers along the way. This trek serves as the best option for people willing to trek through the wilderness in solitary. However, October is the busiest month in this region compared to other months of the year. Even then, the trails are not as crowded as the trails in Everest and Annapurna regions. 

At Larke Pass, Manaslu Region
At Larke Pass, Manaslu Region

3. Unique Cultural Experiences

Amidst the staggering views of the mountains, Manaslu Circuit trek offers real and unique cultural experiences. During the trek, the trail passes through numerous prayer wheels, Mani Walls, Chortens, and monasteries. As you walk from lowlands to a higher altitude, you will come across diverse cultures and traditions. In the lower regions, you will run into the Hindu civilization. The Ghale, Gurung, and few other communities mostly inhabitants these villages. As you make your way to a higher altitude, you will find that the traditions here are highly influenced by Tibetan culture. You will encounter Buddhist and Bon culture along the way. 

It is interesting to realize that every village that you pass by will have at least one monastery. Furthermore, women wear traditional pangdens and people savor at the dried yak meat. Butter tea is on the menu in almost all teahouses and local homes. More often than not, the greeting of Tashi Delek will be the conversation starter rather than Namaste. No doubt, this trek will serve as an exceptional opportunity to delve into the rich cultures of the mountains. With this Manaslu circuit trek, you will get a chance to explore the famous Ribung Gompa in Lho and Pungyen Gompa in Samagaon. 

4. Moderately arduous yet safe

Trekking in Nepal altogether can be strenuous to the body. The trails are often demanding as they take you to the outlying parts of the country. As for the Manaslu Circuit Trek, the trail takes you through off-the-beaten-path that requires moderate fitness. Even though this trek does not require you to have an athletic body, being flexible will certainly help.  Having a prior trekking experience will also be a boon for people willing to attempt the Manaslu circuit trek. If you are a novice in the world of trekking, then exercising a few weeks before the start of your trip can boost your endurance level. After all, the trek demands 6-7 hours of walk each day for weeks.

the tranquil trails of Manaslu Circuit Trek

Even though the trek might seem arduous, it is well-crafted and safe. The trek allows proper acclimatization in order to prevent altitude sickness. It is crucial for trekkers to maintain the pace and have enough rest rather than getting too excited for the trek. Also, you should pay attention to your hygiene throughout the journey. Doing so will help you avoid any health mishaps. Carrying water purification tablets or drops will solve your drinking water problems during the trek. For those who weren’t aware, the Manaslu circuit trekking trail is now restored and repaired after the devastating 2015 earthquake. The locals have restored all the routes and teahouses effectively. It is now safe to trek in the Manaslu region.                                                                                              

5. Comparatively affordable pricing

Trekking in Nepal varies notably depending upon the place and season of travel. The trek cost is often based on the number of days and group size heading to their destination. The food and accommodation along the trail, however, are almost similar. As compared to Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost is less expensive and affordable. The accommodation here is the standard teahouse with limited, yet optimal facilities. The food choices are similar throughout the trek with finite options on the menu. However, the price of food increases as you gain altitude during this trek. 

This increase in the cost and optimal facility is due to the difficulty in transportation in the remote Himalayan region. Even though the price of food increases with an increase in altitude along the trail, it is cheaper than the overall cost incurred in other popular treks. Previously, Manaslu Circuit trekking was one of the best trekking trails with camping arrangements. But now, with the increased number of teahouses, the trek does not require camping. Instead, one can enjoy the stunning views and relax their aching body at the end of the day with a subtle warm sleep in the beds of the teahouses  

Add-ins: Must-know Facts About Manaslu Circuit Trek

Best time to go

While trekking in Nepal, it is necessary to pick an best time to trek manaslu circuit in order to acquire the most out of your travel. The autumn, i.e. from September to November and spring, i.e. from March to May, are the best seasons for planning a trek in Nepal. Similar months are the best time to go and complete Manaslu Circuit Trek. However, winter and rainy seasons are not preferred as the winters are harshly cold and rains make the trail slippery and difficult for hiking in Nepal. So saying, spring and autumn months are ideal for ticking the Manaslu circuit off the bucket list. 

Required Permits

Trekking in Manaslu region does not allow solo entrance and requires to obtain permits. You will need a party of two or more members led by a registered trekking guide to entering into this region.  As the trail passes through the Manaslu Conservation Area, which falls under the National Trust for Nature Conservation, the basic permit costs around NPR 2000, i.e. roughly US$20. This permit charge aids in preserving the cultural heritage and natural resources of this region. Adding to it, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation charge US$75 per week with an extra US$10 for every additional day during the trek. If your plan includes a trip through or around the Annapurna, you are required to pay an additional permit cost of NPR 2000 on account of the Travelers Information Management System (TIMS) card.

Manaslu Circuit – Your next Travel Destination?

As mentioned above, Manaslu Conservation Area does not allow single traveler and requires the travel party to be associated with a registered hiking guide. If you are solo traveler looking for a trek to Manaslu Region, you can choose pre-made itineraries for Manaslu Circuit by Himalayan Glacier. With 98% success rate, these travel itineraries will be ideal for solo travelers and even travelers in groups.

But if you want to explore Nepal your way, Himalayan glacier also offers tailored-made trips as per your travel need. Our adventure travel specialist are available 24/7.

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