To review the trip of a lifetime- Everest Base Camp Short Trek

Where does one begin? From the very first decision to venture to the other side of the world, the Universe tested our focus & determination to stay on the path. My girlfriend & I went through such crazy experiences as; delayed local flights, missed international flights, internationally-delayed baggage, a broken (soleless) hiking boot, severe knee injuries.. and all of this happened before we even stepped foot in Nepal.

Ever-trusting, and absolutely delighted by the divine-comedy of it all, Amber & I arrived in Kathmandu 30 hours later than planned, missing our original expedition, as well as half of our gear & clothing. Luckily for us, Himalayan Glacier had a backup plan. Narayan & the team sent our new guide, Dol, to pick us up from the airport. Thanks to some quick coordination, we were able to grab a new pair of hiking boots and pick up the delayed bag with a late-night trip to the airport. That night, we pre-planned our EBC trek, skipping a rest day to finish in time for our international return flights.

Tengboche Monastery

The very next morning, we were faced with the decision to continue waiting for our weather-delayed flight to Lukla, with the looming possibility of losing another day to finish the EBC trek… Or purchase helicopter tickets (more quick thinking by Dol) to get us started on our trek that same day. We obviously made the jump and hopped on the first Heli to the Himalayas!

So Amber & I set out on the trek of a lifetime with our awesome guide Dol & newly met porter, Fullman. Embarking on an incredible journey that humbled us to the core and taught us how to trust the path, stay present, and to be grateful. There were many, many times that Dol’s problem solving and HGT’s connections saved our skins; medication for sickness, last-minute lodging (our whole trip had to be re-booked on the go), and much-needed advice in super cold conditions… We started as a team but truly became a family on the trip.

Lukla Airport

On the day celebrated as Buddhas birthday & enlightenment (Nepalese full moon in May), Amber & I made it to Everest Base Camp, where we proposed & became engaged to each other. I honestly don’t think we could have safely achieved this in the speedy time that we did without Dol, Fullman, and the team at Himalayan Glacier Trekking. You’d better believe that we flew down the mountain feeling as accomplished & elated as a Tibetan monk reaching his goal of nirva.

My humble advice: Forget the destination, trust the path you are on and the people around you. You’re all there for a reason.

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