Safety In Nepal

Traveling in Nepal is very safe with no religious extremists or other radical groups disrupting the calm and peaceful environment of the country. Nepal today, feels more safe than most of the other countries around the world, possibly due to the religious nature of the people here and their engagement, friendly temperament and natural kindness. Tourism being the mainstay of the country’s economy, people here are always hospitable and very welcoming.

In general terms, Nepal is a safe place to travel for all international travelers traveling alone or in a group. Anyone who wishes to trek in the mountains alone should obviously be very careful and take extra care like anywhere else in the world. No matter what, it is always good to have your trip in Nepal insured. Buy yourself travel insurance before traveling to Nepal in case any untoward incidents happen during your tour. A decent travel insurance is not very expensive, but will save you from so many things – that is if things go wrong in Nepal.

A theft may occur or you may lose a valuable item while roaming around or you may fall sick and get admitted in a hospital. Hospitals in Nepal are not free and before your treatment, you need to display your ability for payment. Similarly if you are in the mountains and need to be evacuated by helicopter, the rescue charges are surprisingly very high. So, acquiring travel insurance before traveling to Nepal wouldn’t cost you a lifetime, but will come as a relief in case of bad incidents.

For those who are traveling solo in Nepal, it is always wise not to flash large amounts of cash. It is a good way to avoid being the victim of a crime. Avoiding night walks alone especially in the deserted areas could invite unwanted problems. Regarding personal safety, it is most important that you stay at a safe hotel and eat clean, healthy food. There are tens of hundreds of hotels spread out in the country, but it is essential that you choose a safe place to sleep especially if you are looking for a budget hotel or a guesthouse. Check out on the internet for the most popular hotels or guesthouses before you arrive in Nepal so that your stay is comfortable and hassle-free.

It is very well known that Nepal is a country with conservative people, modesty in terms of how you dress up is really very important. Women wearing clothes that reveal a significant portion of their skin could invite unwelcome gazers and sometimes, unwanted troubles. While going out to enjoy the nightlife of Nepal, try to find a decent group of people to accompany as there is an intense discomfiture to women entering bars and nightclubs alone. It is highly recommended that you read the travel advice published by your country before you travel to Nepal.

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