Best Places To Stay In Nepal

Although Nepal is a very small country, it is never a problem to find a sleeping place. However, choices may be abundant only in the established touristic destinations. The best places to stay in Nepal depend on what a traveler is looking for: comfort or price. Prices will vary considerably depending on the traveling season, type and standard of accommodation and location. Teahouses and lodges are common in the trekking trails while budget guesthouses or mid-range guesthouses are more widespread in cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. Other accommodation options are hotels and resorts that may be very basic to 5 star luxurious ones. Airbnb is a recent addition to Nepal’s accommodation marketplace. Then there are village stays and homestay options that offer unique opportunities for authentic cultural immersion and benefit sustainable tourism in Nepal’s rural areas.

Listed below are some of the best places to stay in Nepal. They have been quite popular among foreign tourists visiting Nepal in the past many years:

5-star hotels

  1. Hotel Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu
  2. Fulbari Resort, Pokhara
  3. Pokhara Grande Hotel, Pokhara
  4. Hotel Annapurna, Kathmandu
  5. Hotel Radisson, Kathmandu
  6. Hotel Shangri-La, Kathmandu

Heritage hotels

  1. Dwarika’s, Kathmandu
  2. Yak & Yeti Hotel, Kathmandu
  3. Old Inn, Bandipur

4-star hotels

  1. Hotel Himalaya, Lalitpur
  2. Hotel Shanker, Kathmandu
  3. Swiss Int’l Hotel Sarowar, Pokhara
  4. Hotel Mystic Mountain, Nagarkot
  5. Temple Tree Resort, Pokhara
  6. Kathmandu Guest House, Kathmandu
  7. Hotel Yatri Suites & Spa, Kathmandu

3-star hotels

  1. Hotel Mulberry, Kathmandu
  2. Sapana Village Lodge, Chitwan
  3. Hotel Himalayan Horizon, Dhulikhel
  4. Park Village Resort, Kathmandu
  5. Hotel Tulsi, Pokhara
  6. Tigerland Safari Resort, Chitwan National Park
  7. Royal Singi Hotel, Kathmandu
  8. Kotee Home Hotel, Pokhara
  9. Center Park Resort, Chitwan
  10. Buddha Maya Garden Hotel, Lumbini
  11. Flying Yak Hotel, Kathmandu
  12. Hotel Jal Mahal, Pokhara
  13. Kumari Boutique Hotel, Kathmandu
  14. Hotel Roadhouse, Kathmandu
  15. Hotel Middle Path and Spa, Pokhara
  16. Hotel Sapana Garden, Kathmandu
  17. Summit Hotel, Lalitpur
  18. Kantipur Temple House, Kathmandu
  19. Tigerland Safari Resort, Chitwan National Park
  20. Royal Singi Hotel, Kathmandu
  21. Kotee Home Hotel, Pokhara
  22. Center Park Resort, Chitwan
  23. Buddha Maya Garden Hotel, Lumbini
  24. Flying Yak Hotel, Kathmandu
  25. Hotel Jal Mahal, Pokhara
  26. Kumari Boutique Hotel, Kathmandu
  27. Hotel Roadhouse, Kathmandu
  28. Hotel Middle Path and Spa, Pokhara
  29. Hotel Sapana Garden, Kathmandu
  30. Summit Hotel, Lalitpur
  31. Kantipur Temple House, Kathmandu

Budget hotels

  1. Hotel Gallery Nepal, Kathmandu
  2. Forest Hideaway, Bardia National Park
  3. Pilgrims Guest House, Kathmandu
  4. The Billabong Garden Hotel, Pokhara
  5. Hotel Nepalaya, Kathmandu
  6. Hotel Ananda Inn, Lumbini
  7. Lemon Tree Hotel, Kathmandu
  8. Hotel Mantra Inn, Pokhara
  9. Hotel Buddha Land, Kathmandu
  10. Jungle Resort, Chitwan
  11. Om Tara Guest House
  12. Hotel President, Lumbini
  13. Potala Guest House, Kathmandu
  14. Hotel Bubo Himalaya, Kathmandu
  15. Hotel Atithi, Kathmandu

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