Ladakh: The Little-Tibet of India


An oasis of tranquility and natural beauty, Ladakh is an ideal retreat for those living in cosmopolitan cities. Set deep in the Indian Himalayas on the western edge of the Tibetan plateau, Ladakh, or “Little Tibet”, is one of the highest and driest inhabited places on earth. Yet for centuries it was home to a rich and self-sustaining culture. Stark mountains dotted with colorful monasteries, fluttering prayer flags, rocky ridges, dry plains and tiny settlements, this is Ladakh for you.

Known for its remote mountain beauty and culture, Ladakh is bounded by the Karakoram and Himalayan mountains and is the largest province in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The landscape of Ladakh, a high altitude desert, is defined by craggy, barren cliffs and plateaus. It is also known as the “Little Tibet” not just because of its geographical proximity to Tibet, but also because it plays host to several Tibetan cultural festivals. This exotic place revels in a numbers of monastic festivals and annual events of the major monasteries primarily in winters. You can witness the cultural extravaganza in the month of September, whereby Ladakh Festival takes place. By taking part in the celebration you can experience the rich centuries-old folk culture and traditions of Ladakh.

The region of upper Indus Valley around Leh, the capital, is the cultural heartland of Ladakh which is studded with a number of Buddhist monasteries (gompas), magnificent palaces and serene lakes. From high-altitude scenic treks to white water rafting in the Indus and Zanskar River, Ladakh has numerous ways to indulge you. The tranquil remoteness, barren cliffs, tranquil lakes, pure crystal blue skies is what creates the magic that drives people here from all around the world. If you wish to traverse through the beautiful and mysterious landscape of Ladakh, Himalayan Glacier is at your service. Please go through the following link for more details.


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