Jiri to be turned into model small city

Jiri, a major tourist destination in Dolakha district, will have a facelift in the near future under the government´s efforts to convert the village development committee (VDC) into a model small city of Nepal.

The Department of Urban Development and Building Construction under the Ministry of Urban Development has already initiated steps for a field visit and for designing the required physical infrastructures.

Jiri VDC, which is 190 km from Kathmandu, is surrounded by great natural scenery and has been compared to the Swiss city of Zurich. Jiri is also a gateway for trekkers and for mountaineers headed for Everest base camp.

It is only six years since officials from the Swiss government left Jiri after working on physical infrastructure there for a decade.

According to department officials, Simeka Consultant has visited various part of the VDC and identified the areas needing physical development. Based on its report, renovation will be focused on the Jiri market area and other points adored for sightseeing.

“Before their departure, the Swiss enhanced the beauty of Jiri VDC to another level altogether and now it is our responsibility to manage that enchanting beauty. Jiri will turn into a model small city,” said chief of the Roads Division Office Dhulikhel, Dilip Bhandari. He informed that the government has proposed to develop 132 similar model small cities in the near future.

“Jiri bus park, roads, bridges and Jiri airport will undergo renovation. A large open area will be used for development purposes, and tourism related sports activities will be introduced,” said Bhandari. “View towers and a height altitude center will also be developed,” he added.

Sacchindra Dev, engineer at the Roads Division office, said that until now they have received a total of 13 plans for Jiri´s development.

The Ministry of Urban Development has proposed to issue a grant of Rs 10 million as preliminary expenses for the project.

“After initial financial support from the government, more money has to be collected from other donors,” said Bhandari.

source: republica, 30 Sept 2013

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