Himalayan Glacier Storms at 2013 Mumbai Marathon

Himalayan Glacier with its representative Mr. Mingmar Tamang is at mega extravaganza 2013 Mumbai Marathon with the mantra of marathon for tourism in Nepal. Mr. Tamang is participating at the grand event with the creative sponsorship of Gauri Jayaram, an amateur athlete and traveler from India.

Himalayan glacier
Mingmar Tamang

The 10th edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, the richest Marathon in Asia takes place on the 20th of January 2013. Haile Gebrselassie, the legendary long distance runner from Ethiopia, is the International Event Ambassador to rock the event. The run is supported by the Indian Navy, the Government of Maharashtra and the Athletics Federation of India.

The Mumbai Marathon attracts people from all over India, as well as foreigners, to run for charity. The marathon, which has anticipated to take part big shot from the corporate world and Bollywood celebrities, hopes to join more than 40,000 people.

The Mumbai Marathon promotes causes and values that touch people around the globe, whatever the age group and regardless of their financial status and social standing. The event promoters are putting their hard efforts to innovate and evolve the event in order to provide an inexorable experience to the participants.

The spirit of grand marathon is ready to raise the crowd of whole India and the world. Since, different interest groups have intended to attend the marathon. Some are joining for raising health consciousness, some are for social cause, and some others are for entertainment and tourism.

Above all, the event is a best occasion for charities and donations in which NGOs and INGOs can utilize the platform for unique fundraising programs.

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