Himalayan Glacier reaches out to communities and people

On May 1st, one week after the devastating earthquake hit Nepal, Himalayan Glacier team reached out to the remote and isolated mountain village of Gorkha district, the epicenter of the massive quake, with initial relief and emergency aid. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, has claimed 7,912 lives as of now, injured thousands and rendered millions homeless.

The team led by our Founder President Mr. Sagar Pandey, coordinated with local community leaders and Village Development Committee (V.D.C) to distribute initial relief materials within 4 VDCs from Gorkha District. The team delivered relief materials worth $10,000 and reached out to 600 families from Ashrang V.D.C., Bungkot V.D.C, Borlang V.D.C and Mucchok V.D.C from Gorkha and distributed 18,000 kg rice, 18,00 kg dal, 600 kg salt, 90-liter cooking oil and 500 pieces of tarpaulin.

‘We hear lots of relief aid and humanitarian work are being distributed and carried out, but we have received none so far as nobody has come forward in our village until now”- shared one of the local from Borlang village. Hundreds of thousands of houses were destroyed across the district, with entire villages flattened, especially those near the epicenter in Gorkha. Rough terrains, remoteness of the village, lack of proper transportation facility make distribution of relief difficult especially for mountain villages like these. Many are still unaware of their situation, urgency, and need.

Similarly, on May 8 the team reached Kavresthali, a small village in the northern side of Kathmandu valley which lies in the lap of Shivapuri National Park and distributed initial relief aid worth $1,000. The team in coordination with Kavrestahli Village Development Committee, successfully distributed 1500kg rice, 90kg dal, 50-liter cooking oil to 50 households residing in Padamchal, Ward no. 5. The relief materials were handed over by Mr. Sagar Pandey to the community leader of the village, Mr. Arjun Tamang. Approximately, there are 185 households in the area out of which 47 have been completely destroyed. 5 people lost their lives while 13 were critically injured.

Next Steps:

As we continue with our initial relief work and emergency response, we feel the need for long-term rebuilding and rehabilitation of the communities. Himalayan Glacier will upscale its efforts, identify the needs of people and work with partners on the ground for rebuilding of the habitat of people.

How can you help?

1: Donate: Your contribution will allow us to address the needs of thousands who are in need of emergency relief aid and rehabilitation. To support our fundraising efforts via GoFundMe.com please click on the following link:


2: Book a trip with us: The best way to help Nepal recover from the earthquake is by going there on a vacation. People from around the world are willing to help in this situation. One important and sustainable way to do that is to help tourism here flourish again and convey the message that Nepal is now safe to visit!

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