Everest Base Camp Trek Experience

I wanted to thank you both and congratulate you on the outstanding staff you have. Homnath was a great guide. He was punctual at the airport, took care of everything to get us set up and provided necessary guidance along the trail. He has a seemingly endless smile and positive attitude which were well appreciated and sometimes much needed. As I know you are aware, the plane crash took place on the 5th morning of our trek and it was our airplane. I was shaken by the experience and all my pent-up concerns came flooding back. Emotionally it was difficult to imagine getting on a plane to fly out of Lukla after that. Thus besides the 4-day weather hold that preceded our return to Lukla, I also had that in the back of my mind and was willing to pay almost ANYTHING to get me out of there in a helicopter. Naba, you and Homanth tried your best to accommodate and I sincerely appreciate it. And the fact that you eventually got us a good airplane out of Lukla at the last possible instant that day was also something for which I will be eternally grateful.

Way to Everest Base Camp
Way to Everest Base Camp

All that said, my time wasn’t spent entirely worrying about the return trip. I greatly enjoyed the trek itself and continue to be awestruck at what I saw and experienced. I was nearly in tears when I finally reached Kala Patthar on a glorious morning. It was beyond my wildest dreams in terms of what it felt like standing there.
As for your porters, I have said this to everyone here who has asked me about my trek…. I am astonished at the spirit, stamina, and strength of the people of the Khumbu. Amazing, tireless workers who seem to relish each day without complaint. Photos of people carrying what amounts to about two large wooden DOORS on their backs up a steep slope have people here wondering if they’d be able to do that for even a few feet! Subas and Suman were super-human, from my vantage point. Not only because of the loads they carried and the ease with which they did the tasks but also the smiles and the service they provided when we were all simply exhausted. Wow. That will remain a lasting image in my mind beyond the many awe-inspiring views.

@ kala patthar (18,200 Feet)
@ Kala Patthar (18,200 Feet)

Thank you again both for your assistance. Tony, you are a great asset to HG as you were always quick to provide information and answer my questions. Naba, you made us feel welcome and valued as clients.

Mark Richardson
Petaluma, California, USA

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