Culturally Respectful and Socially Sensitive traveling experiences

Are you striving for culturally respectful and socially sensitive traveling experiences? The doors that lead you through the footprints of ecotourism, interacting with local people, being part of the real lives of the locals, participating in local traditions and customs, are open at Himalayan Glacier. We guarantee unique and authentic travel experiences.

The latent driving forces that drag world’s travelers towards Himalayan Glacier are:

  • We promote responsible travel with small groups that are attentive to local people, their complex history, and their rich culture while catering a real experience.
  • We organized community-based holiday tours that give authentic local experience through connecting travelers with nature and local communities.
  • We always aim to provide a sharing tourism experience in local areas where travelers can learn and understand the mentalities and habits of local people.
  • We research on creating solidarity and friendships as a way to offer lasting memories for both locals and travelers.
  •  We create opportunities of win-win situation both for travelers and local communities. Our tour packages are exchange of ideas and cultures with economic return to the local communities.

The irresistible facts that we cater make us globally respectful.

Our cornerstone of tourism is to develop how socially responsible and culturally respectful tourism can be a positive force for change, bringing economic benefits to the local communities, and supporting cultural preservation efforts. Along with this, we try to open the eyes of travelers to local reality giving tourists the knowledge and tools to help.

Be integral part of Culturally Respectful and Socially Sensitive traveling experiences pioneered at Himalayan Glacier and earn the responsible and respectful experiences of local cultures, traditions and lifestyles.

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