Conference ends with Kathmandu Declaration

The ‘Eighth International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation’ concluded yesterday with the Kathmandu Declaration.

According to the organisers, the declaration states that there is a need to raise global fund on climate change. “At least 50 per cent of the global fund needs to be allocated to adaptation activities and of the adaptation fund, at least 50 per cent should be diverted to local components such as vulnerable communities,” it states, adding that parties should report about their works to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary at UNFCC said, “Nepal is estimated to be losing one per cent of its gross domestic product to floods and landslides — a figure that will only rise everywhere unless global emissions are cut and local resilience enhanced.”

She urged all relevant countries to accelerate the development of their various plans in order to maximise the development of various funds. She further said, “Climate change adds an additional layer of stark and sobering urgency to that reality that everyone is vulnerable and everyone needs to play their part in order to place every man, woman and child onto a sustainable path.”

Greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere have reached the highest point in 800,000 years.

The climate change policy adopted by Nepal government in 2011 has stated that 80 per cent of the climate change budget will be diverted to local components. But National Planning Commission reports that only 11 per cent of climate budget was being shared with local components.

Source: The Himalayan Times

Date: 1 May, 2014

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