Booking Potala ticket in advance a day

With the arrival of the tourist season, tourists into Tibet is gradually increasing, the Potala Palace in Lhasa as the main of course, attract most tourists. Out of the protection of heritage conservation considerations, the Potala Palace administration had to limit the number of visitors, therefore, the tickets for the Potala Palace is particularly tight.

According to reports, every morning in west gate ticket booking place of the Potala Palace line up more than a hundred people, for the daily offering of the Potala Palace tickets are limited, some are sold to various travel agencies, a small portion by each unit for receiving, and only 500 tickets are sold to individual tourists. With the increasing number of tourists, tickets appear in short supply situation.

After entering the tourist season, in order to reap the economic benefits some criminals sell the Potala Palace tickets in a high price. To this end, the Potala Palace Management Office remind the tourists, please do not believe the surrounding trailing peddle people to avoid being taken. Every year during May 1 to October 31, for one day in advance of the Potala Palace ticket booking system with your personal identity cards and other valid documents to west gate Reserve Management Office of the Potala Palace to receive points provided free by the “ticket voucher”. The booking time is 9:00 start and the next day you can go with the “ticket voucher” from the main entrance through security into the recount. After entering through the main entrance, present their “ticket voucher” to buy a ticket, the fare is 200 yuan per person.

source: tibettravel.org, 23 July 2013

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