Bhutan: travel books to read before you go

Bhutan is a country of mystery. Travelers often struggle to decode the Himalayan Kingdom with a simple walk-in. Its religion, life, simplicity, natural resource and people are intertwined so closely together that a requirement of simultaneous knowledge of each of the factors becomes necessary. Reading books, especially written by previous travelers and locals, proves very useful for those who wish to engulf it all at once.

Here are some useful and popular books to read before you travel The Land of the Thunder Dragon.

1. Lonely Planet Bhutan

Lonely Planet Bhutan Guide

Lonely Planet Bhutan is especially useful for overall knowledge about Bhutan. Lonely Planet is always on top of the game when it comes to describing the country’s history, culture and travel options. It also includes local secrets, places to go, and survival chapters.

2. Odyssey Guide Bhutan

himalayan odyssey

A book written by Francoise Pommaret, Odyssey Guide Bhutan has luring photographic images of the last Shangri-La. This book scratches the surface providing overall information about the country. The writer has lived a considerable time in Bhutan teaching and is an ethno-historian.

3. Bhutan, a Trekker’s Guide

a trekker's guide

This book is useful for trekkers, as the topic suggests. It contains many trekking routes of Bhutan, and is especially useful when it comes to getting ready for trekking. This book does not contain all the trekking routes,but includes famous and popular ones.

4. Treasures of the Thunder Dragon: A portrait of Bhutan

a portrait of Bhutan

This book is truly an insider’s look into Bhutan and useful for those who like to read local. Written by Bhutan’s Queen Ashi Dori, this book is her travel experience inside the country as she meets her people and inquires about their well being.

5. Married to Bhutan

Married to Bhutan

Married to Bhutan is a book by Linda Leaming. The writer is married to a Bhutanese artist and has lived in the country for 10 years. This book is very good if readers wish to zoom-in to Bhutan and eventually get to its core – also useful if you wish to move to Bhutan some day.

Some other books:

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