Best way to Help Nepal? Visit Nepal!

It has been a month since the 7.8 magnitue earthquake hit Nepal which was devastating to many of us in many ways including Nepal’s tourism industry and other entitties whose businesses are aligned with Nepal and the climbing community. Nepal is an agricultural nation that heavily relies on tourism to boost its economy from a decade long civil war. More than 8 percent of the country’s $19.29 billion GDP in 2013 came from its tourism industry, the World Travel and Tourism Council reported. Nepal — which boasts eight of the world’s highest mountains — gets about half a million tourists every year, with many coming to trek the Himalayan nation’s scenic mountain trails.

The recent earthquake have raised fears and doubts within tourists who planned or wished to visit Nepal but are now hesitant while many have even cancelled their trips. It is important for those who wish to contribute to the recovery and rebuilding process of Nepal to know that Nepal is perfectly safe to visit. Travel agencies, hotels, airlines, communication, transportation, hospitals and other services are up and running in most of the areas. Only 10 districts out of 75 in Nepal have been affected by the earthquake. There is hope the country may recoup some of its lost tourism revenue with your little help. All we ask is come visit Nepal and help the long-term rebuild of this nation.

Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon is in Nepal urging tourists to come to Nepal.
“It is important to emphasize that by the fall, when monsoon ends, people should make their reservations now if they want to help and they want to come and visit because it is very, very important to keep all these jobs alive,” Sarandon said Sunday while inaugurating a campaign to build 201 huts for villagers outside of the capital, Kathmandu, who lost their homes in one of the earthquakes.”I think that would be the next wave — to think of Nepal not as an ongoing disaster, but as a country that has found its way back and has many monuments that haven’t fallen and many beautiful areas that can be still safe to trek,” she said.

Similarly Alain Uy , an actor from Los Angeles who visited Nepal in 2012, said the country made a lasting impression on him. He wants to go back, and he urged other potential visitors to consider it, as well.
“The culture is still going to be there. The food is still going to be there. The history is still going to be there,” Alain said. “You can’t shake the core of that culture. It’s still going to be a vibrant, amazing, hospitable place.”

Sagar Pandey, General Secretary of Trekking Agencies Association Nepal (TAAN) said that Nepal is absolutely safe to visit now with many amazing trails and places that have not been affected by earthquake at all. He urges tourists and visitors worldwide to help people of Nepal in this critical time by simply coming here on a trip. He also cited the need to come up with a rigorous marketing plan and strategy that will rebuild Nepal’s image as a safe destination and help Nepal’s tourism industry bounce back. He emphasized on the need to promote positive message and vibes about Nepal that encourages tourists and well-wishers to visit Nepal.

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