Bandipur Attracts with Ancient Aroma

Bandipur, a living museum of Newari culture lies midway on the day-long drive between Kathmandu and Pokhara. The hilltop town has maintained its age-old flavor intact by preserving its age-old cultural activities. The town still has its temples, shrines, holy caves, innumerable festivals and a Newari architecture that dates back to the Kathmandu Valley of old.


Traversing through the historical trail at Dumre Bazaar, visitor climbs through pristine forests to reach at a township that has hardly changed. As the visitors enter within the town, they find ancient aroma of living community. Further, the hilltop town offers the majestic views of Himalayan range, surrounding hills, green forest, and cultural aspects of tribal communities.

Bandipur, the center of ancient trade route between Nepal and Tibet greets domestic as well as international visitor for the enjoyments of short hike, difference in culture, uniqueness of settlement, and overall enhances to encounter massively mind-blowing views of Himalayan peaks.

Traveling Bandipur connotes to the collection of experiences within the age-old cultural traditions, within the centuries–old architectural intactness, and within the decades-old communal social values.

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