Avalanche in Mt Everest: 14 killed‚ scores missing

An avalanche hit Khubuche area, near Camp 1, of Mt Everest this morning, killing at least 14 mountaineers, most of them Sherpas. About dozen others are missing in the incident that took place before sunrise at around 5:30 am. Some of the victims have been rescued and brought down to the base camp.The avalanche came sweeping from the Khubule Icefall and hammered over at tents of Sherpas, who were ferrying goods for different expedition teams. According to Jeevan Ghimire, Managing Director of the Peace Nepal Treks, 14 dead bodies have already been recovered.

He said 10 of the victims were from the Peace Nepal Treks. At least five persons have been rescued alive and are brougt to the base camp where they are receiving primary treatment, said Lakpa Sherpa, a local medical staff. Krishna Lamsal, Under Secretary of Tourism Ministry, said 15 persons caught in the avalanche belong to the Alpine Expedition.

Helicopters will be sent to the incident site from Kathmandu for rescue operation shortly, according to Ang Tsering Sherpa of Nepal Mountaineering Association.

Source: The Himalayan Times
Date: 18 April, 2014

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