11 ways to Travel the World for free

1. Swap your home

Made famous by the Cameron Diaz/Kate Winslet movie The Holiday, this option, of course, requires you to have a house (and a significant amount of trust!). But if you do have a house to offer up, there are various websites that provide online classifieds for owners to advertise. Most require a registration fee (to weed out the crazies), but then you can advertise your property for the entire year. The length of time for exchanges depends on the needs of the two parties.

2. Work on an organic farm

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is just one organization assisting those who would like to work as volunteers on organic farms internationally. Many farmers are willing to open their homes to travelers who don’t mind putting in a few hours in the fields. Chip in with a few chores, and they will likely give you free meals, too. A great way to spend a few days (or weeks) in the country.

3. Become a Mystery Traveler

Certified “secret” and “mystery” shoppers can find work in any sector, including travel. You won’t have much control over when and where you travel, but you will get there for free and get paid for easy work. For instance, you could have been one of the secret shoppers who flew around England and exposed discrimination against disabled passengers.

4. House Sit

Finding a gig like this is ideal, although you’ll probably need an impressive resume and references. You’ll get free accommodation in exchange for watering plants, walking a dog, and attending to other light chores and errands. Leaving plenty of time to explore a brand new city!

5. Become a “Driveaway” Driver

You can drive across the country in someone else’s car for free. It’s called a driveaway, or auto delivery service. And yes, it’s legit! While you do have to pay for gas, and often some type of deposit, car delivery services offer a much less expensive alternative to renting, especially if you’re looking for a cross-country adventure.

6. Teach English Abroad

Teaching offers the opportunity to go almost anywhere in the world, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most rewarding options for travelers. As well as getting to know a culture from the inside and meeting plenty of like-minded folk, most of your expenses are covered and many schools will pay you on top of this.

7. History Buff? Try giving Guided Tours

If you’re looking to spend time in one place, consider getting to know your location and applying to become a tour guide. Tourism offices, hostels and specialist tour companies recruit English-speakers with local knowledge to become guides. You’ll need to be charming and confident to be successful, but it’s certainly possible to cover the costs of longer-term trips this way.

8. Become a flight attendant

International flight attendants often get to spend the night and maybe a day in a foreign city. They also receive great discounts on personal flights. If you want higher pay, think about becoming a pilot.

9. Volunteer with the Peace Corps

Though the Peace Corps is  27-month commitment, it comes with a myriad of benefits, including medical and dental care, free transportation to and from the country of service, intensive language training, student loan deferral or cancellation, food, housing, and, upon your return, a $7,000 readjustment allowance. This position also offers you up to 48 paid vacation days, so you can travel within and around your placement country. Learn how to apply on the official PeaceCorps website!

10. Work On Board a Cruise Ship

The cruise-ship industry is huge, and often labeled as the best way to travel the world and save money while doing it.  However, even though it’s possible, it’s hard to land a decent job without any experience in the department you wish to work in.  You’ll earn good money and be able to save up most of it since room and board are usually included, and other day-to-day expenses like transport and groceries are cut down the minimum.  It is however not a light weighted job and usually consists of long-hours and hard work, but then again, you do get paid to travel the world.

11. Travel blogging

Learn how to start your own travel blog by visiting travelbloggeracademy.com, but bear in mind that it’s a lot more than hitting keys and napping under palm trees.  You need to be passionate, hardworking and above all know how to push yourself and endure to create the life you want.  But if it all works out, I can’t see a better way to travel the world.

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