10 Reasons to add Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand in your bucket list

Some reasons that make Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand stand out from other Southeast Asian countries are the golden beaches, the remarkable architectural magnificence, the interesting local cultures, the people and the native cuisine.  These three countries that are adjacent to one another share almost similar landscapes and cultures. Visiting these countries will allow you to experience a memorable luxury tour in Southeast Asia. Among multiple South Asia tour packages, you can choose the one that provides you with the best of Vietnam, Cambodia,  and Thailand.

Multi-country Asia tour packages are always pleasant and fun-filled as they allow you to compare and contrast among the countries that brace their similarities while celebrating their differences. Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand deserves to be on your bucket list and is worth the visit. If you are still wondering about the reason behind visiting these countries, here are 10 reasons why Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand need to be in your bucket list. 

Best of Vietnam

1. History

Vietnam holds a great history that has always fascinated travelers with stories of ancient times. Among the best of Vietnam, their history is one of the major subjects of interest for tourists visiting the country. From the history of several tribes uniting to form some of the major dynasties to years of the alarming Vietnam War, the country unfolds proofs of major historic events. Adding to it, the country is filled with educational sites for visitors interested in documenting the Vietnam War. 

You can start unfolding histories starting from Saigon (now known as Ho Chi Minh City) by visiting war museums and the imperial palace. Likewise, you can witness warplanes scattered in and around the city. You can also visit the Cu Chi war tunnels and have a closer look at the dreaded war of the past and feel what it was like for soldiers back then. Furthermore, you can visit the resting place of one of the most influential leaders of the twentieth century, Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi. Whether you have a knack for history or not, just being in the country will give you a fine taste of events that happened in the past. 

2. Nature

When it comes to natural beauty, Vietnam has it all. It is enriched with every kind of natural landscape within its borders. This simply beautiful country has everything from towering mountain ranges to lush forests accompanied by footed lakes and rivers topped with terraced rice fields. You can garner all sorts of experiences from cruising through karst islands to swimming in its beaches. Also, you can stop at Ti Top Island and walk up to the summit to admire the fantastic view of Halong Bay. Adding to it, you can explore the famous Hang Sung Sot, the largest cave in Halong Bay.

Apart from these, you can add Dong Hoi, Cuc Phuong, Da Lat, and few other places to your list of unique places to visit in Vietnam. Dong Hoi boasts of silver sandy beaches and colorful markets. The town of Ninh Binh brags of the stunning natural park Cuc Phuong. Likewise, Da Lat and its surrounding highlands are abundant in waterfalls, natural rock slides, forests, lakes, and beaches. Furthermore, islands such as Phu Quoc is home to families of monkeys.  Natural grandeurs of Vietnam in all its shades!

3. Food

What’s a Vietnam tour without munching on some Vietnamese cuisines? While Vietnamese cuisines are popular all over the world, trying them at its source is a whole different experience. People there somehow whip up delicious meals from contents confined to a single bag. The alleyways are filled with street stalls serving dishes ranging from papaya salad to their popular noodles and meat soup, Pho. The markets serve freshly fried spring rolls with delicious dipping sauce and giant pancakes filled with seafood. 

Beer is another fascination of the people of Vietnam. Every major city seems to have a local brewery with the branding of its own. While the choice for food and drinks varies around the country, the pick for noodle dish Pho is prominent. However, the proper way to prepare the dish varies with place. Locals from Ho Chi Minh City boast of preparing the dish in some way while disagreeing with the residents of Hanoi. After all, the unique preparation technique is what makes the Vietnamese cuisines great!  

4. Local culture and people

Local culture and local people living up to their years of tradition is the gem of every country. While Vietnam has been around for thousands of years, their centuries of cultures have been passed down generations after generation manifesting in interesting ways. Their rich culture ranges from architecture to entertainment to fine arts. The temple in Hoan Kiem Lake, the Japanese bridge, and the esteemed Tan Ky House are some of the main architectural attractions of Vietnam. The country also masters in Vietnamese Water Puppets show and art carvings. Not to mention the Vietnam Festivals where you are sure to amass a bountiful of fun. Likewise, local people are amazingly accommodating and friendly. During your visit, you are destined to be greeted with heart-warming smiles and occasional hellos.

Best of Thailand

5. Many Buddhas and Buddhist Temples

The count of Buddhist temples in this Land of Smiles, Thailand, reach up to 40,000. The number of Buddha statues be it sitting, standing, or lying down is certain to attract your attention. These structures date back to ancient times reflecting the era of different dynasties in their construction and architectural finesse. While Buddhism is predominantly followed in Thailand, religion influencing everything ranging from the daily lifestyle of people and how they interact with others to the architecture of the country. Almost all the cities of Thailand boast of a plethora of Buddhist temples and statues which are most abundantly found in the capital. These breathtaking majestic wonders are worth a visit as they are some of the unique places to visit in Thailand.

6. Cuisines

The cuisine of Thailand is the heart of the country. One of the convincing reasons for your Thailand tour is its gastronomical variance. The food there is sure a feast for your senses. You can make the most of your experience in Thailand by skipping meals in restaurants and filling your tummies in the fascinating world of street food. You can choose from all the varieties and different levels of the food vendors. Pick your meal from straight-up street food served from a food cart or from noisy stalls with tables on the side. Noodle bars filled with people awaiting their order or local restaurants will surely serve you with loaded flavors hidden beneath the smells and colors of the cuisines.

7. Shopping

Whether you are fond of shopping or not, a shopping spree in the markets of Thailand will surely be a fascinating experience. Even though shopping might not be the only reason for your luxury Thailand tour, but once you are in the country you cannot miss out on the experience. From purchasing souvenirs in small local shops to buying food ingredients in the massive flea markets, you have multiple shopping choices available in Thailand. Spare some time during your travel to visit Chatuchak in Bangkok or to relish in the night market of Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. This shopping experience is guaranteed to be an enthralling experience.

Best of Cambodia

8. Angkor Wat

Among all the exotic places in Cambodia, Angkor Wat stands on the top of the list. Cambodia’s biggest draw for tourists is the  World’s largest religious monument. This monument that once stood at the center of the Angkor Empire is now a national pride standing tall in the middle of Cambodia’s national flag.  Angkor Wat dates back to the 12th century and now attracts the biggest crowds from all around the world. This architectural temple complex features a series of majestic structures and stunning religious monuments. Getting there an hour early will allow you to experience one of the most spectacular sunrises. Likewise, you can also add a few lesser-known nearby sites such as Angkor Thom, Ta Prohm, and Angkor National Museum on to your list of unique places to visit in Cambodia.

9. Remote islands

While Cambodia is mostly famous for its architectural treasures, it is also home to Asia’s incredible golden beaches. Even though most masses flock to Thailand’s islands, the beaches in Cambodia offers a more authentic experience. The islands in Cambodia remain off of the tourism radar maintaining its authenticity. Some of these gem islands are Koh Rong, Koh Rong Samloem, Koh Thmei, Koh Ta Kiev, and Koh Totang. These unspoiled options boast of pristine white sands and wondrous tropical flora. Adding to it, you can also grab a glimpse of the longest river in Southeast Asia – Mekong River. Furthermore, you can visit Tonle Sap Lake whose banks are inhabited by millions of locals. The floating villages and Tonle Sap fish farm is the main attraction here.

10. Wildlife

Cambodia is also blessed with abundant wildlife. The floras include elephants, tigers, gibbon, sun bears, and other animals. The country also has multiple rescue centers in protecting the animals from poachers and illegal traders. The rescued animals are rehabilitated and then released back into the wild. Some centers such as Sam Veasna Center offers wildlife tours and bird watching to visitors. Likewise, you can also get a closer look at wildlife in the Cardamom Mountains which is rich in the floras and faunas.  You can trek through this dense jungle along off the beaten track and have a unique tropical jungle experience during your Cambodia tour. 

So, if any of the above reasons got you excited to fix up your Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand multi-country tour, you can plan the Best of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand trip with us and customize your tour as per your preferences. We highly encourage our clients to ‘Travel the World Your Way’.

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