Australian Bushfire: How can you help?

Australia is burning. It is facing an unprecedented national crisis. The bushfire that engulfed Australia’s all six states in months has torn apart the rural communities destroying over 1500 households. More than two dozens people have lost their lives so far.  A number of towns have been evacuated as high temperatures and strong wind initiate further risks. While the entire world steps into a new decade with new hopes, Australia faces an immense threat as the fire continues to burn leading catastrophic jeopardy. The north-western and central regions of Australia have been issued with Code Red, the most extreme warning.

The temperature in these areas is soaring up to 40 degrees and the worst condition of the bushfire is expected to strike in the coming months. The uncontrolled blazes have not only affected human lives but also have severely damaged the wildlife population.  Ecologists have estimated the fatality of 50 billion animals in the conflagration while many native Australian faunas are still under direct threat. This horrendous disaster is claiming the lives of both humans and animals. While the concerned responsible authorities down south are putting in every effort to peter out the damage, the entire world needs to give a hand in whatever ways possible. 

With the raging inferno, a number of organizations have been providing aid in the firefighting. Multiple volunteer services and relief efforts have been put into action. While the entire world raises the spirits of the Australians for the loss of life and habitat in these affected areas, we encourage each one of you to lend a hand in any possible way. You can always help firefighting organizations, wildlife, or even with some food or place to sleep. Check out the following links and provide assistance and support for the recovery efforts:

The NSW Rural Fire Service: Supports the firefighting efforts in New South Wales

Red Cross Disaster relief and recovery fund: Supports recovery programs and evacuation centers for affected areas

The Salvation Army:  Delivers support to local communities affected by the blazes.

The RSPCA bushfire appeal:  Protects the pets, livestock, and wildlife affected by bushfires and help evacuate animals from disaster zones

The World Wildlife Fund: Donations helps to provide emergency care to Koalas during bushfires

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park: Donations to help with koala milk, vet costs, etc.

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