Top things to try in Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh, situated in the northern region of India, is an internationally famous tourist destination. It lies between the Himalayas and the Karakorum mountains and offers adventures of trekking, rafting, mountain biking, safari and many more. Besides adventure, the panorama of the mountains in the background and rocky environment provides stunning scenery. Leh, the largest town in Ladakh is a fine example of successful tourism in Ladakh. There are a lot of things that can be done here. I have described some of them below with the help of a few researches and a friend who had recently been to Ladakh.


Camels in the Nubra Valley
Camels in the Nubra Valley

Tough and rocky terrain of the trans-Himalayan stretch of Ladakh calls for a jeep safari. The famous Leh-Manali Highway provides the best Ladakh view that takes one along the mountain passes that cover the famous spots like Nubra Valley, Pangong Tso Lake and Khardungla pass.

Camel Safari, for crossing the sand dunes provides the experience of traditional trade routes that used to be a part of the ancient people’s lives. Riding on one of these double-humped beasts will make the Nubra village, monasteries and hot water springs accessible.


Trek in Ladakh
Trek in Ladakh

Trekking is one of the famous activities in Ladakh. Lumayuru to Darcha trek, Padum-Darcha trek, Lumayuru-Alchi trek are some of the famous trekking options in Ladakh.

A Motorbike Experience

Motorbike Experience
Motorbike Experience

Imagine riding on a roaring engine on a trip to Tsomoriri Lake, passing through the enchanting rocky dunes and exotic wildlife of Ladakh. For a bike enthusiast, this is  a must. Choose a day where the weather is clearer, and you are all set for the ultimate Ladakh pass-by.

White Water Rafting

White waters of the Zanskar, Shayok and Nubra rivers are the top attractions for rafting experience. Zansar River provides the most challenging river rafting experience especially along the slopes between Padum and Nimo. Adding rafting in your bucket list will never go regretted.


With the presence of mountain peaks ranging from 4500 meters to 6500 meters, mountain climbing is undeniably one of the major attractions of Ladakh. Nun-Kun is best known among climbers for its location amidst the Great Himalayan range. June to September is the best time to climb the mighty peaks of Ladakh that ranges from 4500 meters to 6500 meters. Note that some of the mountains require government permit before you climb them.


Around December when Ladakh is covered with snow, annual skiing competitions are held in Ladakh. Any ski enthusiast can be a part of it. Ladakh is considered as one of the famous skiing destinations due to its close association with the Himalaya and sloppy geography.

For more extreme skiers, Heli-skiing is the remedy. Helicopters take you around 5000 meters above the sea level and that’s where the fun begins.

Beautiful Pangong Lake
Beautiful Pangong Lake

Besides above mentioned highlights, Ladakh has many more to offer like the Buddhist monasteries, Pangong Tso Lake (largest high altitude lake in India), Hermis National Park, and sports like ice hockey and horse polo and paragliding. Ladakh, although a province of India, has its own identity in terms of climate, culture, history and geography and thus proves to be a fresh experience undiscovered in the rest of the world.

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    Its really unique experience for me as I visited LEH, LADHAK during August2015. My journey from Sonmarg(From where I had been to AMARNATHJI) to LEH via KARGIL- LAMAYURU was unique and evergreen in my mind. MUST see in Ladhak include Nubra valley on one side and Pangong Lake(Blue water lake on the otherside(120-140 km from Leh). .Do not miss to visit HALL OF FAME & serene SINDHU GHAT in LEH. Very many Buddhist Monasteries are to be seen.
    Really, after our MANASAROVAR-KAILASH YATRA this tour is worth to remember.

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