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Deon Nel

Director, Business Development – South Africa
English, Afrikaans
Adventure Travel since 2007

Skills, Knowledge & Passion

Deon Nel is a South African national who entered into a business partnership with Himalayan Glacier for African markets in December 2018. He embarked on his first Himalayan experience in 2015 completing the Everest Base Camp trek and returned to Nepal in 2018 to do the Annapurna Base Camp trek. The striking beauty of the Himalayas inspired him to meet with Himalayan Glacier’s CEO and negotiate how this beautiful region could be marketed to South African adventurer travelers.

Deon has a great passion for traveling to unusual destinations on earth. Back in 2007, he had set to himself a goal of visiting all the natural wonders of the world. Since then, he has successfully visited some of the natural and engineering wonders of our planet. His partnership with Himalayan Glacier is actively working towards creating opportunities with other African operators to promote the Himalayas as a much sought after destination. Deon published a book in the year 2003 titled “Half o life is IF”. It is a compilation of inspirational stories and motivational wisdom that will inspire people to keep climbing when you reach the top.

I enjoy delivering great experiences when it comes to passionate travelers”.

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