Mystical, Magical Nepal

Take a day long tour and experience the natural magic of Nepal. Furthermore, advance for long trek in the remote mountains of Nepal to immerse into mystical aspect aspects of Nepal Himalayas.

Capture Nepal’s magical vistas and wonderful landscapes in your camera.  Discover the wonders of Nepal – a country blessed with natural beauty and rich cultural history.

Nepal Tour
Nepal Tour


Take an insightful tour to Kathmandu’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, stroll through ancient bazaars and medieval palace squares; explore ancient Newari villages which are living museums and shrines of the local deities. Explore Nepal’s hill villages and experience rural lifestyle and ethnic cultures of the Tamangs, Gurungs and Tharus.

Visit Pokhara, a beautiful scenic lake town where nature is amplified with the views of splendid peaks, clean water lakes. Witness some natural wonders of nature in waterfalls and gorges and magical dawns that light up the sky and the snowy Himalayan spires in hues of the rising sun.

Visit the eastern part of Nepal and trek into its mystical hillsides.

Explore medieval kingdoms, pagoda temples and hill side villages with Nepal’s magical splendors. Then after, immerse into Nepal’s ethnic cultures of the Newars, Gurungs, Tharus, and Tamangs as a part of mystical experience of Nepal.

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