How to get a Manaslu trek permit – Costs and Fees?

Manaslu Circuit is a remote destination in Nepal that is opened to trekkers since 1991. Adventure tourists in Nepal can enjoy wilderness and authentic village experiences with Manaslu trek permit. It is one of the finest trekking circuits in Nepal where people can trek during all four seasons. The Manaslu trek permit costs around $7 to $10 per day for an individual. However, it varies as per season and nationality of the traveler. It is mandatory to book your trek with trekking agencies. As the trek permit is compulsory so, without the permit no one can make the trek in this restricted area. So, this blog will discuss on the procedure for Manaslu Trek Permit.

Crossing Larke La Pass by taking Manaslu Trek Permit

The Government of Nepal has strict control over the trekking activities within Manaslu Circuit trek. The reason of control is to preserve the natural resources, heritage and cultural resources within the Manaslu circuit. Therefore, it is mandatory to take Manaslu circuit trek permit before starting the trek. Ministry of Home Affairs from Nepal Government provides the permits upon payment of the desired fees. 

Manaslu permit costs

Manaslu trekking permit cost depends upon the days you spend and the season you wish to trek. Well, Manaslu Circuit trek consists of three different permits. The permits and their respective costs are as follows:

1. Manaslu Restricted Area Permit (RAP)

CitizensCost Per person
SAARC and Other Countries(From September to November)
per week US$ 70
per day US$ 10

(From December to August)
per week US$ 50
per day US$ 7

2. Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP)

CitizensCost Per person
NepaleseRs. 100
SAARCRs. 1000
Other CountriesRs. 3000 / US$ 27

3. Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP)

CitizensCost Per person
NepaleseRs. 100
SAARCRs. 1000
Other CountriesRs. 3000 / US$ 27

(Note: Tsum Valley Restricted Permit (Optional) costs USD 35 for each person per week. ACAP needed if you are planning for Tsum valley trek)

Terms & conditions to remember with Manaslu circuit trek permit 

  • Trekkers must take individual Entry Permits for visiting MCA (Manaslu conservation area) and ACA (Annapurna conservation area).
  • You need two passport size photographs to apply for each Entry Permit.
  • This Entry Permit is valid for single entry only and is non-refundable.
  • People with permit can only enter the assigned places within the Conservation Area.
  • Trekkers must follow all the rules implemented by the National Park and Wildlife Conservation Act, 2029 B.S. (1973) and the Act’s regulation.
  • Every individual must carry the entry permit and need to show if concerned personnel of the Conservation Area wants to check it.

Few allocated counters provide Manaslu Conservation Area permit and Annapurna Conservation Area permit. There is restriction to issue permits from any check posts along the trekking routes of the Conservation Areas. Therefore, entry permit must be taken before entering the Conservation Areas. However, permits are issued from the check posts with 100% additional charge under special circumstances. Entry permits counters are available at the following locations:

  1. Kathmandu: Nepal Tourism Board, Bhrikutimandap (for Annapurna & Manaslu)
    Opening hours Sunday to Saturday except on public holidays in Kathmandu: 9 am – 5 pm
  2. Pokhara: Nepal Tourism Board, Tourist Service Centre, Pardi Damside (for Annapurna only)
    Opening hours Sunday to Saturday except on public holidays in Pokhara: 10 am – 5 pm
  1. Besisahar, Lamjung: Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) entry permit counter (for Annapurna only)
    Opening hours Sunday to Saturday except on public holidays in Lamjung: 10 am – 5 pm

Note: Children under 10 years of age do not require to pay any entrance fee. Manaslu Circuit Trek complies a hike to Beshisahar from Dharapani (within ACAP). Even though the hike is only for two days, you still have to obtain a permit from ACAP for the Manaslu circuit route. And, if you continue on to the Annapurna Circuit from Dharapani, you will need a TIMS card. But, you can use the same ACAP Permit for the Annapurna Circuit Trek

What is the Procedure for Manaslu Trek Permit?

March to May and September to November are the most popular trekking and hiking seasons in Nepal. And, the Manaslu circuit trek best time is definitely in spring (March, April, May) and fall (September, October, November). Manaslu trekking route offers different excitements and atmospheres for every trekker.

Best time to trek in Manaslu region with Procedure for Manaslu Trek Permit

Trekkers get the privilege to experience eight of the tallest mountains in the world including Mt Manaslu standing at 8,163m (26,781ft). The highest point on the Manaslu Circuit Trek is the Larkya La Pass at 5,106m (16,752ft) and is one of the longest passes in Nepal. During your adventure, you can expect beautiful mountain trails, and scenic routes largely untouched by urbanization.

How difficult is the Manaslu circuit trek?

A good up-keeping of your body with daily exercise before the starting of trek makes the hike in Manaslu region easy. Even though the region is a completely untouched land and barely well developed, this doesn’t mean that you cannot make it. Manaslu trek route is not difficult but, hikers and trekkers should still be fit as you are making a trek through the Himalayas.

A local village in the Manaslu Circuit Trek Route

Manaslu Trek Route

The Manaslu trek route is very easy to traverse on. Though the permit is not given to travel solo, but, an accompany with experienced trekking guide and few friends are equally adventurous. The trek begins upon arrival and rest in Kathmandu, and an adventurous drive to Sotikhola from there. It ends with a god hike of about 18 days from Sotikhola ending the journey to Kathmandu from Syange.

The trek starts to escalate from an altitude of 1,350m (4,429 ft.) to a maximum height of 5,160m (16,929 ft.). We provide 18 days of Manaslu circuit trek itinerary for trekkers to enjoy the trek with great experience.     

ItineraryMaximum AltiudeWalking/Hiking
Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu1,350m/4,429ft
Day 2: Kathmandu: Sightseeing and Trek Preparation1,350m/4,429ft
Day 3: Drive from Kathmandu to Sotikhola710m/2,330ft
Day 4: Soti Khola–MacchaKhola900m/2,953ft6-7 hrs
Day 5: Maccha Khola–Jagat1,410m/4,626ft6-7 hrs
Day 6: Jagat – Deng1,804m/5,919ft6-7 hrs
Day 7: Deng –Namrung2,630m/8,629ft6-7 hrs
Day 8: Namrung –Samagaon3,530m/11,582ft6-7 hrs
Day 9: Samagaon – Pungyengompa–Samagaon3,530m/11,582ft6-7 hrs
Day 10: Samagaon –Samdo3,860m/12,665ft4-5 hrs
Day 11: Rest Day in Samdo3,860m/12,665ft
Day 12: Samdo – Dharamsala/Larkya B. C.4,460m/14,633ft4-5 hrs
Day 13: Dharamsala – Larkya la – Bimthang5,160m/16,930ft8-9 hrs
Day 14: Bimthang –Tilije2,300m/7,546ft5-6 hrs
Day 15: Tilije – Tal1,700m/5,578ft5-6 hrs
Day 16: Tal –Syange1,080m/3,543ft6-7 hrs
Day 17: Syange – Kathmandu1,350m/4,429ft8-9 hrs
Day 18: Final departure

In conclusion, Manaslu Circuit trek starts with 6-7 hours of hike from Sotikhola to Machhakhola. The narrow trail from Machhakhola to Jagat makes some minor ups and downs and eventually crosses the Tharokhola to reach Khorlabes. Meanwhile, trekkers should walk a minimum of 6 hours daily to reach the highest point Larkya la- Bimthang. Finally, the trek gets over when they come down from Tal to Syange and Syange to Kathmandu.

Extend your Manaslu Circuit trek with Tsum Valley Trek

The northwestern part of the Manaslu conservation area (MCA) is called Nubri valley and the middle area is Kutang. The northeastern area covers two wards Chumchet and Chhekampar, which is known as Tsum valley, another good trekking destination.

Tsum Valley
Tsum Valley

Trekkers who have enough time and want to explore both region please find our 27 days Manaslu Circuit and Tsum Valley Trek itinerary. Tsum valley trek offers a spectacular 360° view of the Ganesh and Manaslu Himal range. It consists of remote and sacred Himalayan valley including Tsum people with unique culture and way of life. The valley is well respected holy site of Buddhists and Hindus consisting many monasteries, ancient temples.

Note: Tsum valley is protected as a conservation area with carefully managed tourism for preserving its natural and cultural resources.

Packing list for Manaslu circuit trek

Manaslu trail consists of diverse land topography and is completely untouched by urbanization. This suggests that trekkers and hikers must carry a good backpack with them. There is always a great deal in segregating right tools and gadget. 90% of the trek is successful because of the right packing list you make.   

Manaslu Circuit Packing list

One of the key elements to enjoy this wilderness trek is to understand the most essential packing list. It is always wise to avoid excess packing for a hassle-free trip. Thus, for your handiness, Himalayan Glacier have prepared some essential information on packing list for Manaslu Circuit Trek. This list helps you to pack your trekking bag as per the convenience and will give you more idea for a successful trek.

As the Manaslu trail leads you to an approximate height of 5,210m (17,100ft) so, the changes in temperature, pressure and oxygen levels is obvious. Therefore, you will definitely require right gears for this trek, especially during unfavorable seasons. 

Why to trek with Experience Manaslu Guide?

Government of Nepal doesn’t allow solo traveling in Manaslu region for safety reasons. So, to explore all these areas, it is mandatory to have Manaslu trek permit and an experienced guide via officially registered trekking company. 

Trekking manaslu with an experienced guide after following Procedure for Manaslu Trek Permit

The natural beauty of the Manaslu region is still left to be explored by many trekkers. The route is full of surprises and consists of unwanted difficulties and hurdlers. Thus, there is no promotion for individual trek. It is necessary to have a Manaslu trek  map and understand it thoroughly. But, to fully depend on the very map and proceed without a guide is not a good idea. You must take a guide. They will come up with a solution for any problem you face during the trek. The Government of Nepal has also made few mandatory rules regarding Manaslu permit:

  • A minimum of 2 people are compulsory (excluding guides and porters). 
  • Travelers need authorized local trekking agency to trek within Manaslu circuit.
  • Government-licensed guide from a trekking company is an absolute must.

Hiring a guide for Manaslu Trek helps trekkers to get following benefits:

  • Rural and restricted area understandings 
  • Proper navigation of route during trek
  • Well-crafted and customized itinerary
  • Reduce language barrier
  • Enrich the cultural experience
  • Health and safety
  • Hassle-free trekking
  • Helps to promote local economy

Why to book with Himalayan Glacier?

To begin with, we are a travel and adventure company providing service since 1992. We have more than three decades of experience in adventure travel industry in Nepal. We have highly-experienced Manaslu trekking guides who are well trained and government certified. We have an astounding success rate of about 98% and are in continuous effort for making it better.

Better experience is always our motto. We value your penny and we believe in your better pleasure at every trip. We assure your safety with our guides and services and make you feel hospitable and comfortable.

If you are solo and planning to join with a group, please contact us with our travel expert for group travel dates. In requirement of further queries, please feel free to contact through our Facebook page or message us on our WhatsApp at (+1-410-307-0007).

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