Manaslu region to get museum

A local resident is all set to establish “Namrung Ghegonang Museum” with private investment in Manaslu area of Gorkha district as the number of domestic and foreign tourists has been soaring of late.

Lakpadundup Lama, originally hailed from Prok-8, Namruk of the district. He has been residing here in Kathmandu, and is preparing to set up a museum in the region within three years.

Lama informed that he signed a contract paper for the land for 25 years with a local resident last Wednesday. He said, “Around Rs 2.5 to 3 million has been estimated for the construction and I am going to invest it personally.”

According to Lama, antiques dating to 500 years back with archaeological and historical significance will be displayed at the museum. Besides, weapons, daily tools, implements, palace, meeting hall, musical instruments, guns, whips, traditional attires among others, of the Thakuri king who reigned in the region some 1,500 years ago will also be kept at the collection centre. He said that his ancestors were rulers of Nubri Valley and he was planning to set up the museum in their memory at his personal expense.

At least eight families of the then rulers still reside in the area, according to Lama. However, “I will distribute the income from the museum among villagers, the families of the ancient rulers and investors, “ said Lama.

“Ancient objects with aesthetic, archaeological and historical value are being collected. And the construction work will start four months later,” Lama informed. After the museum is set up, visitors will be able to see a place of special importance, he said.

source: Himalayan Times, 27 NOV 2013

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