Museum to preserve Newari culture

A museum has been established here at the people’s level in order to promote the language, culture and identity of the Newar community among the new generation.

The ‘Udaya Museum’ established at Ason of Kathmandu brings together various items and arts that shed light on the ancient profession, costume and lifestyle of the various sub-caste groups of the Udaya caste of the Newar community.

The Udaya caste includes among others the Tuladhar, Kansakar, Sikhakar, Baniya, Sindurakar, Silakar and Selalik sub-caste groups.

The museum was established by the Udaya Samaj founded in 2052 B.S.

Inaugurating the museum on Wednesday, senior culture expert and chancellor of Nepal Bhasa Academy Satya Mohan Joshi said the creativeness and human civilization of the Udaya ethnic group gives them a separate ethnic identity, and thus preserving and promoting it would protect a cultural heritage of the Newar community.

Patron of the Society, Kulbir Singh Tuladhar, patron of the museum Dr Suman Kamal Tuladhar, senior industrialist and Chair of the Society Dr Rup Jyoti Kansakar and other speakers shed light on the Udaya community and the importance of the museum in promoting Newari art and culture.

source: gorkhapatraonline.com, 16 Jan 2014

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