Details of Flight from North America to Bhutan

Bhutan has one international airport in Paro situated at an altitude of 7,300ft (2,226m) and is surrounded by mountains as high as 16,000ft (4877m). The airport is 23km away from the capital city of Bhutan i.e. Thimphu. There are no direct flights to Paro Bhutan international airport from USA and Canada so, travelers must make a transit to reach Paro. 

Don’t forget to travel with a tour guide in Bhutan after your arrival!!! Solo travel is not permitted for all travelers. Only citizens from India, Bangladesh, and Maldives are permitted to travel freely without a visa. And, the diplomat and official passport holders from Switzerland and Thailand also don’t need visas to travel to Bhutan for up to 90 days. 

Paro Airport, Bhutan
Paro Airport, Bhutan

Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines are the only two carriers that provide their optimum facility in 5 countries and their 10 different airports. You must be ready to attend a long flight to either of these transit destinations while flying from Canada or USA to Bhutan flight. Check-in detail about every flight time, transit stops, and price before booking the tickets. The national carrier has a fleet of modern Airbus A-319 and ATR planes and flies in and out of Bhutan to the following listed locations:

List of flight connections to Bhutan from different Countries 

CountryAirport LocationFlight Time to Paro AirportFrequency
NepalKathmandu (KTM)1hr 05 minDaily
ThailandBangkok (BKK)3hr 15 minDaily
SingaporeChangi (SIN)6hr 05 minDaily
BangladeshDhaka (DAC)1hr 10 minDaily
IndiaKolkata (CCU)1hr 10 minDaily
IndiaBagdogra (IXB)0hr 50 min2 times a week
IndiaMumbai (BOM)2hr 10 minWeekly
IndiaNew Delhi (DEL)2hr 20 minDaily
IndiaGuwahati (GAU)0hr 55 min2 times a week
IndiaBodh Gaya (GAY)1hr 10 min2 times a week

The easiest transit to choose is definitely either New Delhi or Kathmandu to Bhutan on connecting flights. Among other destinations, Kathmandu to Bhutan flight is one of the most popular and exciting flights. Here, you get an incredible opportunity to view 4 of the highest mountains on Earth during your flight. Since you will not leave the airport before the Bhutan flight, you do not need a transit visa.

One key information on getting the flight is that; from September to November and February to April Bhutan receives a huge flow of tourists. Tourists try to make a multi-country tour including Tibet, Nepal, and India along with Bhutan during these peak seasons, so we recommend you to book at your earliest.

Details of flight from USA to Bhutan

There are no direct flights to Bhutan from the USA and while there are many huge airports in the United States, none of them provide direct flights to Bhutan. The distance to travel from North America to Bhutan is more than 12,824 kilometers. Therefore, travel to Bhutan from the USA takes at least two separate flights. 

Flight frequencies change depending on the industry demands and the season of travel. Himalayan Glacier provides assistance to know about those detail. Our Bhutan travel experts on the development and distribution of the Nepal and Bhutan tour package have regular updates on amendments as well. Moreover, the listed information will also give you more detailed information on the best-connecting flights from the United States to Bhutan.

From Washington D.C. to Bhutan

Transit DestinationFlight TimeDistance (km)Cost (one-way)
Nepal, Kathmandu17hrs 40min (one stop)12,405$751-$757
Bangladesh, Dhaka19hrs 25min (one stop)12,940$494-$1407
Thailand, Bangkok20hrs 10min (one stop)14,184$752-$1105
India, New Delhi13hrs 50min (non-stop)12,046$554-$1407
India, Kolkata17hrs 45min (one stop)13,030$654-$1707

From Seattle to Bhutan

Transit DestinationFlight TimeDistance (km)Cost (one-way)
India, New Delhi19hrs 20min (one stop)11,365$552-$1105
Singapore19hrs 50min (one stop)12,988$450-$914

From New York to Bhutan

Transit DestinationFlight TimeDistance (km)Cost (one-way)
Nepal, Kathmandu17hrs 20min (one stop)12,139$619-$1225
Bangladesh, Dhaka18hrs 35min (one stop)12,681$769-$1325
Thailand, Bangkok19hrs 30min (one stop)13,964$569-$1226
India, New Delhi13hrs 50min (non-stop)11,755$519-$1225
India, Kolkata19hrs 05min (one stop)12,746$668-$1024
Singapore18hrs 30min (non-stop)15,340$570-$1528

From Los Angeles to Bhutan

Transit DestinationFlight TimeDistance (km)Cost (one-way)
Bangladesh, Dhaka21hrs 15min (one stop)12,924$661-$1011
Thailand, Bangkok20hrs 00min (one stop)13,309$391-$912
India, Kolkata21hrs 20min (one stop)13,130$561-$1511
Singapore17hrs 50min (non-stop)14,114$402-$914

From San Francisco to Bhutan

Transit DestinationFlight TimeDistance (km)Cost (one-way)
Nepal, Kathmandu26hrs 00min (one stop)12,219$609-$1611
Thailand, Bangkok18hrs 45min (one stop)12,767$389-$962
India, New Delhi21hrs 10min (non-stop)12,403$509-$1311
India, Kolkata21hrs 20min (one stop)12,580$508-$1410
Singapore17hrs 15min (non-stop)13,593$450-$914

From Chicago to Bhutan

Transit DestinationFlight TimeDistance (km)Cost (one-way)
Singapore22hrs 40min (non-stop)15,059$491-$628
Thailand, Bangkok21hrs 55min (one stop)13,779$663-$1070
India, New Delhi14hrs 20min (non-stop)12,044$543-$1068
India, Kolkata19hrs 00min (one stop)12,839$562-$1485

From Atlanta to Bhutan

Transit DestinationFlight TimeDistance (km)Cost (one-way)
Nepal, Kathmandu27hrs 00min (two stops)13,115$752-$2002
Bangladesh, Dhaka20hrs 45min (one stop)13,619$654-$1804
Thailand, Bangkok24hrs 35min (two stops)14,739$804-$2104
India, Kolkata26hrs 15min (two stops)13,711$654-$1804
Singapore29hrs 00min (two stops)16,033$754-$1806

All the flights may be subject to availability and the actual flight time may vary from airline to airline.

Well, as stated before, there is no direct flight from the United States or Canada to Bhutan. Travelers must plan their way out from these transit points to Bhutan. Once you come to the transit points from the following stated airport, you will get to Bhutan with ease. 

Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Thailand are only the transit points available. Nepal and India are comparatively nearer distances than the other three countries. So, most travelers choose Kathmandu or New Delhi as the easiest transit destination. Among other transit points, Kathmandu to Bhutan flight is one of the most popular and exciting flights. People get to see 4 of the highest mountains on Earth during the flight.

Bhutan government has restricted solo travel for Americans and other major countries. Thus, travelers must know brief information on the Bhutan travel guide before commencing the journey. It would be easier if you book a guided tour package for Bhutan travel from the Himalayan Glacier. Himalayan Glacier provides you with all the necessary services regarding North America to Bhutan flights and tours on and off the country. Contact us or get with our Bhutan expert consultant so you can plan your trip hassle-free and save time.

Details of flight from Canada to Bhutan

For flights to Bhutan from Canada, travelers first need to get a flight to one of the 10 airports in Asia that have direct flights to Paro International Airport in Bhutan. Canada has flights to those different destinations of Asia from Toronto Pearson International Airport, Ottawa Macdonald – Cartier International Airport, and Vancouver International Airport in British Columbia.

The listed places are transit points with one-stop or non-stop flights. But, as you get to the transit, you must get another flight through any of the two airline service providers of Bhutan; Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. This is the only way to get access to Canada to Bhutan flight.

From Toronto to Bhutan

Transit DestinationFlight TimeDistance (km)Cost (one-way)
Kathmandu, Nepal 16hrs 55min(one stop)11,920$850-$1200
Changi, Singapore21hrs 29min(one stop)14,997$398-$859
Suvarnabhumi, Thailand20hrs 20min(one stop)13,623$497-$865
Dhaka, Bangladesh19hrs 26min(one stop)12,434$735-$1294
India, New Delhi13hrs 45min (non-stop)11,628$630-$1013

From Ottawa to Bhutan

Transit DestinationFlight TimeDistance (km)Cost (one-way)
Kathmandu, Nepal28hrs 00min (one stop)11,664$763-$1823
India, New Delhi19hrs 14min (non-stop)11,332$735-$1415
Changi, Singapore23hrs 22min (one stop)14,805$644-$1575
Suvarnabhumi, Thailand25hrs 23min (one stop)13,415$760-$1199
Dhaka, Bangladesh24hrs 14min (one stop)12,182$542-$1479

From Vancouver to Bhutan

Transit DestinationFlight TimeDistance (km)Cost (one-way)
India, New Delhi20hrs 00min (one stop)11,116$620-$1273
India, New Delhi14hrs 00min (non-stop)11,116$542-$1356
Kathmandu, Nepal 18hrs 35min (one stop)11,023$550-$1300
Changi, Singapore17hrs 29min (non-stop)12,826$420-$1700
Suvarnabhumi, Thailand16hrs 50min (non-stop)11,805$497-$741
Dhaka, Bangladesh23hrs 36min (one stop)11,235$706-$1048

Transit destination Nepal

One of the best places to transit for Bhutan is Kathmandu, Nepal. Choosing Nepal as a transit destination will definitely make your tour to Bhutan from North America complete and exciting. Nepal won’t only offer a highland paradise with monasteries and stupas located near some mud and overcrowded houses in the valleys. It offers you to realize the joy of existence on this earth and gives you a sense of purpose in life with the existing culture, tradition, climate, and natural diversity.

Mesmerizing Boudhanath in Nepal, Transit location for all Details of Flight from North America to Bhutan
Mesmerizing Boudhanath

Travelers can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the world’s four highest mountains during one flight. They can enjoy both countries with our well-crafted Nepal and Bhutan tour itinerary if they choose Nepal as their transit stop before traveling to Bhutan. The flight distance is also shorter compared to other transit and the frequency of flight is also high. It takes about 1 hour and 05 minutes to get to Paro international airport, Bhutan from Tribhuwan International Airport, Nepal. The cost range of a flight from Kathmandu to Bhutan is between $23 to $322. A total of about 19 flights are scheduled every week from Kathmandu to Bhutan.

Travel Documents for Flying from North America to Paro Bhutan

People traveling to Bhutan from North America need to have a valid passport with at least six months of validity. The visa approval letter is issued by the Department of Immigration through the Tourism Council of Bhutan, which you will receive from your tour operator. The visa approval can only be obtained only after you book a pre-arranged tour with one of the many tour operators that are registered to provide tours to Bhutan. 

It is also required to book and board the flights to Bhutan from any of the 10 airports in the five countries that provide flights to Bhutan. The details regarding the visa processing is provided in the link passport and visa in Bhutan from Himalayan Glacier.


Flight from North America to Bhutan does not seem to be as easy as you suppose it to be. Travelers must update the flight details from various airports and choose the transit points appropriately. The decision to travel won’t be fulfilled with just the knowledge of means of transport. A clear knowledge of getting into Bhutan is mandatory. Himalayan Glacier provides easy access to information to make your trip comparatively easier.

Himalayan Glacier helps the client to get visas to Bhutan as travelers must engage a tour operator for access to it. Furthermore, once you are in Bhutan, you are only permitted to travel openly around towns with your Bhutan guide.

Here is a few lists of various trips offered by Himalayan Glacier as a multi-country tour:

  1. Nepal and Bhutan Tour
  2. Bhutan Nepal and Tibet Tour
  3. Nepal Bhutan India and Tibet Tour

Our best service has made this possible to have a happy and satisfying customer all the time. If you are a solo traveler or want to travel with a group please contact us to get connected with our Bhutan travel expert. For more queries, please message us on our WhatsApp at (+1-410-307-0007).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does a flight to Bhutan cost?

Flight cost to Bhutan from North America depends on the transit you take, the season, and the airport location. If you are flying one way from Washington DC to Nepal and then to Bhutan, it will cost you around $780 -$1100. It varies according to the airport and transit you take. Moreover, the frequency of flights, tourist season, and transit destination will increase or decrease the cost per flight. 

2. How to book flights to Bhutan?

It is indeed very simple to book your tickets for a flight to Bhutan. Various airlines provide their regular flight to these transit destinations Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, India and Singapore. These airlines could be either Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, Delta Airways, Atlantic Virgin Airlines, Singapore Airlines and so on. 

Soon after one gets to the transit destination most of the flight to Bhutan is provided by Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines. Himalayan Glacier does have a special package for Bhutan Tour. Please visit our website for different Bhutan trips.

3. How many flights are there from the USA to Bhutan?

There is no direct flight to Bhutan from the United States, but the connecting flights are made through five different countries. Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, India, and Singapore get direct and transit flights on a regular basis from the USA. The regular service providers are Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines, Delta Airways, Atlantic Virgin Airlines, Singapore Airlines and so on. More than 12 airlines provide their flight service to these five different destinations. From these five different destinations, Druk Air and Bhutan Airlines provides their regular direct flight to Bhutan. Beside these two airlines Air India, Indigo, Vistara, Spice Jet and Go Air also provides their service from India.

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