Nepal and Bhutan Tour

I’m just in love with Nepal – is a fantastic country, which attracts me over and over again. I was in Nepal for 7 times, and I want to be there again. I am very grateful to Himalayan Glacier because we always travel around with them. So cool! We were looked after, offered the best hotels, and attentive and friendly accompaniment by the guides, and porter.

Like in no other country, where we traveled  (we already toured half the world exactly)  and Nepal is still the best place to travel. Our every wish is taken into account, always very friendly and loving people.
Thank you very much Naba and Vlad. We are sure to come. Only with you.
Good luck and prosperity.
Maria P

View of Boudha Temple
View of Boudha Temple

Nepal – a beautiful country, full of discoveries for the tourist. A properly designed and organized program allowed us to see different parts of Nepal, and every day we fall in love with this country.
I do not have the habit of returning to the country where I already was, but in Nepal, I’d liked to return.
I want to thank our guide, Vlad, who was always ready to fulfill all of our requests. Thanks for the great hotel with lovely views. Thank you very much for the excellent organization of the company, a wonderful driver, with whom we feel safe, in spite of the difficult road of the country.
Helen L.

View of Naytapol Temple
View of Naytapol Temple

I’ve been in a fabulous location – Nepal, where the highland paradise in the monasteries and stupas are located near some mud and overcrowded houses in the valleys. It is here that you realize the joy of existence on this earth, you begin to ask yourself important questions, and find time to get the answers. Time does not flow in Nepal as elsewhere. I’d love to come back to Nepal.
Alexander D

Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Bhaktapur Durbar Square

I thank Mary Rasbash and Centre A. Sviyasha for a magical journey of my life. Always well-organized and sophisticated and dynamic. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that so many impressions fit in one trip.
This time, I discovered the wonderful country of Bhutan. Magical and amazing. Nepal was in the second RNase, and I’m even more in love with him.
Thank you for the opportunity to travel with you. I loved to see you halfway around the world and was happy to see the rest


Tiger's Nest Bhutan
Tiger’s Nest Bhutan

Grateful for the opportunity to visit two interesting countries: Nepal and Bhutan.

The trip was so intense and exciting, adventurous and informative, which is still in my head sounds of mantras, in the heart forever settled melody mountain winds, but at heart opened one more note of self-knowledge. After all, with this, I went to the training of Mary Rasbash ‘Find my purpose, “to travel in remote areas of Nepal, enigmatic and mysterious and fantastic Bhutan.

Punakha Dzong
Punakha Dzong

Opening yourself happened gradually, I learned to read the signs, realized his desire to formulate appropriate goals, and most importantly to meet interesting and diverse people. I am pleased to share their emotions; they overwhelm me. Words can not describe the natural beauty of Nepal and Bhutan. But it is those places gave me the energy that allowed me to decide in my endeavors. I boldly go together with their destiny ahead! I trust the universe.
Mary is grateful for the many Razbash tips and advice for organizing the trip and for the cognitive training.

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