Countdown to Tibetan New Year Gala

It’s that time of year again for Tibetans in China and around the world to celebrate Losar, the Tibetan word for “New Year.” According to the Tibetan calendar, New Year falls on March 2nd this year. A stage spectacle combining traditional singing and dancing is in rehearsal to celebrate the occasion.

Song and dance run through the veins of Tibetan people. So naturally the New Year gala wouldn’t be complete without traditional Tibetan performances. This time around a group of 60 local villagers from Bomi County have been invited to perform at the show.

The costumes have been exquisitely embroidered and complemented with faconne decorations and pendants.
Lu Junxiang, from the Publicity Department of Bomi County, spoke more about the design of the dresses: “The way the Tibetan women in Bomi County dress today has been handed down generation by generation and can be traced back some 1,300 years.”

Joining the festive fray are also some children, with the youngest being only four. This is the third time that Kelsang Tashi has performed at the New Year gala.
“I was very nervous the first two times I was on stage. But I’m not this time, and what’s more, I’m in three sections of the performance this year,” he said.
The Tibetan New Year gala will be televised on Tibetan satellite TV on March 1st.

source: CCTV-News, 24 Feb 2014

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