Camping Treks in the Himalayas

Nepal is an awesome destination for camping trek enthusiasts. Camping Trek is generally operated in remote trails of Nepal. It provides opportunities to get wilderness experience in both natural and cultural aspects of this Himalayan nation. The more you trek to the remote mountain villages the more you immerse into the different aspects of traveled places.

While you are on camping trek you deserve excellent views, cultures life styles, and costumes of trekked sites. At the backdrop of glittering mountains while on the journey, you have fabulous environment. Just grab the magnificent opportunities to click down the superb natural beauties around your trekking camps.

Mustang Camping Trek offers a truly exceptional opportunity to explore an area rich in ancient tradition and mythology. It is a unique experience which takes you to an arid region beyond the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. The route entails traveling across desert like landscape, barren ridges, deep canyons, eroded cliffs and moraine valleys. It is a land of pasture where sheep are seen grazing and ponies are used to carry loads. The views of windswept Kali Gandaki Valley, vast spaces around Kagbeni, sprawling ridges and high mountains provide a mind blowing experience for the brave adventurer. Trekking in Mustang is truly one of the most rewarding experiences in Nepal. Trekkers will have a close up view of the primitive society that has remained unaffected by modernization for centuries.

Manaslu Camping Trek offers an experience to encounter the vivid pictures of Manaslu Himal, the seventh highest mountain in the world and Ganesh Himal. Manaslu Himal is lying in the north of Nepal neighboring to the Tibetan border and the eastern Annapurna region. This region of Nepal sees few trekkers, which makes a visit here off the beaten track. Not only does it has an important place among the world’s highest peaks, but also has a unique environment and exceptionally rich bio-diversity, which has made this region a fascinating destination. The majestic Himalayan ranges in this area consist of cultural diversities and natural scenery with high altitude romantic glacier lakes and fascinating flora and fauna, all features of this region, have made it one of the most well liked places to trek in.

Dhaulagiri Camping Trekking is one of the most adventurous trekking destinations of Nepal which starts from Beni. Begin the trek enjoying lifestyle of the Gurung, Chhetri, and Magar people. Dhaulagiri separated from the Annapurna region by Kali Gandaki Gorge (deepest in the world) includes some fifteen peaks above 7000 meters. Magdi Glacier, Dhaulagiri Base camp (4750m), French Pass (5360m) including the several peaks such as Putali Himal and Tukuche Peak gives you an excellent view of Dhaulagiri range. A hidden snow valley after crossing French pass gives you a heavenly test of white world. The Dhampus Pass between Tukuche peak and Thapa peak is another heaven in the trip. You may furthermore encounter semi -wild yak herds, mountain sheep or the elusive snow leopard in the remote valleys of this region.

Annapurna Area
Annapurna Area

Upper Dolpo Camping Trek: Isolated until 1989, the Dolpo region is hard to match for its strange beauty and stunning charm. This region is remote hidden destination in far west where Nepal’s most tranquil and natural beauty is still unexplored. Trekking around the Dolpo region is an unforgettable journey in every visitor’s life. Experience different rain shadow landscapes with stunning mountain views, wild flowers, Himalayan blue sheep, snow leopards, and huge birds Himalayan griffon. There are no lush green hills fed by monsoon but a thrilling hardcore landscape, guarded by impressive peaks, striving for heaven. The Dolpo region offers visit to ancient and isolated villages, immortal to time. It provides you with sites of spectacular lakes, authentic Buddhist monasteries.

Rara Lake Camping Trek is one of the most famous camping trek destinations in Nepal which offers the remote wilderness of western Nepal and a superb experience of nature and a visit to Rara lake. Rara Lake is the largest lake of Nepal, situated in Mugu district in the far western region of Nepal. It takes around 3 to 4 days of walking to reach Rara from Jumla. The surface is around 8 square kilometer and the perimeter 9 kilometer. The length of the lake is 5 kilometers and it is 2 kilometers wide, the altitude around 3060 meter and the maximum depth is 167 meter. Trekking in Rara Lake offers the best scenery on the north – western most side of Nepal. The peaceful surroundings are enhanced by the reflection of Ghurchi Lekh in its blue waters. Chankheli peak (4,201 m) looms in the north across the deep Mugu Karnali gorge. The trail is very much “off the beaten path” and affords glimpses of the distinct culture of the local people. The lake itself is perched on a high shelf at 2,980 meters and is protected by Rara National Park, which was established in 1976. The Park, covers an area of 106 sq. kilometers. The National Park is one of the best places in Nepal to see wildlife: musk deer, leopards, ghoral, thar, Himalayan black bear, and the rare red panda. The park is also a birdwatcher’s delight. The people are a mixture of ethnic groups, such as the Magar, Gurung and hill people of Hindu caste origin. Of particular interest are the Thakuri, the royal family caste.

Makalu Base Camp Camping Trek takes to Mt. Makalu region of Nepal. Mt. Makalu is the 5th Highest Mountain in the world and this is near by the top of the world Everest which is challenging and an outstanding camping trekking in eastern Nepal. This region is blessed with an incredible diversity of natural beauty and culture. Due to its isolation and lack of tea houses this area still receives few trekkers. Sherpa, Rai and Limbus are the main habitants of the region. Walk north of the Arun river to Sedua and Nun, then cross Barun La (4110m.) into the upper Barun Khola valley for a close look of Mt. Makalu (8463m).

Ganesh Himal Camping Trek: Ganesh Himal is to the west of Langtang Himal and east of Manasulu range. It stretches between the two rivers Trisuli and Budhigandaki. You are trekking in different part of world getting in contact with local people, unspoiled nature, widely cultural and traditions barrier, massive mountain close enough to touch. Getting at the height of 4100m pass, leaving the clouds under you and greeting the massive mountains over 8000m, would not that be amazing. The Ganesh Range Peaks (Ganesh I, Ganesh II, Ganesh III, Ganesh IV) stand out like crystal that is the “Great Himalayan Chain” forming the skyline. This great Himalayan massif is contained between the valley of the Buri Gandaki in the west and Bhote Koshi in the east, which becomes Trishuli River in the lower section. Experience the different ways of inhabitation, and come in contact with different people following various caste, creed and culture, and thereby pass through the dense forest and meadows, crossing through high highlander pass (4100m), which offers an excellent view of the massif Ganesh Himal (7406m), Langtang (7300m), Annapurna (8091m), Fishtail (6990m), Manaslu (8163m), Lamjung (6800m) and many more.



Rolwaling Camping Treks, one of the most remote, mysterious and fascinating treks, offers fascinating experience where you can get unique environment and is exceptionally rich in bio-diversity which makes this region one of the finest tourist destinations in Nepal. Rolwaling trekking is the East-West Valley below Gauri Shankar (7145m) and near the Tibtian border. The region is full of the tales of the yeti, the elusive snow man in the world and it is the place where some mountaineers arranged expedition to hunt yetis in the past. The region consists of Tamang settlements combined with majestic mountain ranges and several kinds of vegetation. On this trek, you will be enchanted by the panoramic views of Pharchamo Peak (6187m) and Ramdung (5925m). This remote area is a challenging and rewarding trekking destination.

Panch Pokhari Camping Trek: Panch Pokhari means the group of five holy lakes of great religious significance in the north-eastern part of Sindhupalchowk district. The route offers a beautiful Himalayan view and pristine nature with distinct culture. Panch Pokhara is situated at an elevation of about 4,100 metres above sea level. This is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site in Nepal. A panoramic view of Jugal Himal, Rolwaling Range and other scenic sites can be seen from Panch Pokhara. The area offers cultural heritage, unsurpassed beauty and biological diversity. The beautiful Himalayan range and pristine nature with different culture are major highlight of this trek.

Kanchenjunga Camping Trek: Kanchenjunga is the third highest peak in the world where you can experience remoteness of country, romantic mountain views, diverse flora and fauna and rich local culture. The features of the walk are pleasant villages then in the high regions, glorious mountains and abundant wild lives. This includes musk deer, blue sheep and for the believer, the Yeti! This long trek climbs from the intensively cultivated hillsides of the Nepal Midlands, populated by the Rai and Limbu tribes, towards the peaks of Jannu and Khabru and the great wall of Kumbakarna, Kanchenjunga and Rathong, passing on the way through some of the finest high mountain scenery anywhere in the world. This is an ideal trek for those who want to get away from the better known areas and visit a remote part where few foreigners have penetrated.

Along with these camping treks, Himalayan Glacier would like to offer new areas and routes with totally pristine nature, unspoiled culture, and splendid scenes of the Himalayan range.

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