Brick by brick building a school house

Volunteering in October 2015

Some weeks after the earthquake in Nepal we decided to go for volunteering to give time and energy to helping people there. With Himalayan Glacier, we found a perfect and reliable partner for this venture. They organized the whole set so that we could be focused on our work and our contact with the people.

Our work area was a school construction site in Ashrang 5, which is near Gorkha and was the epicenter of the earthquake.

On-site, we daily made beton bricks, humped stones, riddled sand and helped the five Nepali men oft he builder team as good as possible. For two years they build this new Secondary School brick by brick.

Earthquake proof designed by New Zealand engineer Jarle Raimon defied the building in the spring of the quake, while most houses suffered heavy damage and almost all schools in the Ashrang- part locations are no longer usable. We were amazed every day how the builders worked without the machine and mix with immense physical strength, skill, and improvisation concrete, pulled up walls, trees felled, sawn into beams or poured window and inserting. We quickly learned to adjust our pace of work in the heat, while interested schoolchildren watched our actions and asked us in English bombard.


We were accommodated in a wonderful family and were able to learn in addition to working a lot about the country and culture.

We enjoyed the warmth and kindness of the people in the village who opened their homes and hearts to us and touched us deeply.

Florian Kron and Edeltraud Vollmer,
CH- Hersberg

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