Bhutan: A Spiritual Odyssey


For those who wish to embark on a spiritual journey and long for a soul-cleansing experience, Bhutan is your ideal refuge. This last Shangri-La on earth is a sacred land with deeply spiritual people. You witness the sheer cultural brilliance of this country as you submerge in the rich culture, ancient history, exquisite heritage and century-old traditions warily secured within this mystical kingdom. The fascinating Himalayan kingdom boasts of rich and thriving culture, unique art and architecture and above all, the warm and happy Bhutanese people who will make your Bhutan experience unforgettable.

The cultural tours will take you through the western and central Bhutan, the religious heartland and one of the most beautiful valleys offering you invaluable insight into the rich culture and traditions of Bhutan. There are more than 10,000 stupas or chortens and more than 2000 monasteries in the kingdom, many built centuries ago in honor of the teachings of Buddhism. The hermitages that are built high above some of these sacred sites are a marvel to see; many of them are huts in traditional architecture providing shelter to meditation practitioners amidst deep nature. Surrounded by breathtaking panoramas, you can feel peace and tranquility enclosing you as you ascend the glorious Taktsang monastery, popularly known as the ‘Tiger’s Nest’. You will also come across several fascinating fortresses (Dzongs), sacred temples, and antique museums as you traverse through the breathtaking landscape of Bhutan that will take you through high passes and black mountain ranges.

The tsechus, local community festivals and the sacred architecture represented by the various stupas and Mani-walls are a constant reminder that in Bhutan, spirituality is still a way of life despite a fast-changing world. With an unspoiled land that is home to a vibrant Buddhist way of life, Bhutan is as close in spirit to Shambala – or paradise – as an earthbound kingdom can be. So if you wish to brighten your travel with Bhutan’s vibrant Buddhist culture, sign up for our Bhutan Cultural Tour.

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