70 percent climbers quit Everest expedition

At least 70 percent climbers have abandoned their Everest climbing mission as of Saturday noon.

Various attempts of the government to persuade the high-altitude guides to continue the climb this season have failed as there are only 14-15 expedition groups left at the Base Camp. And the remaining groups are also packing.

A government official at the Base Camp said many groups have quit their mission and the remaining are also seen packing. “Many groups have left the Base Camp on Saturday morning and the remaining ones are also seen packing,” the official said, requesting anonymity. “However, none of the groups have informed the government office stationed at the Base Camp on their departure.”

The government had issued permit for 39 groups with more than 330 individuals.

According to Himalayan Guides Nepal, its three groups comprising 40 foreigners have quit their climbing. “Some have arrived Kathmandu and some are on their way,” said Bhim Poudel, operation manager of Himalayan Guides Nepal. Likewise, five groups comprising 43 foreign climbers of Seven Summit Trek have abandoned their mission. Twelve foreign members of Summit Nepal Trekking have left the Base Camp while three groups of Shangri La Nepal Trek have abandoned their mission.

On April 18, 16 high-altitude guides were killed and nine injured in an avalanche above the Everest Base Camp following which many climbing guides had proposed declaring 2014 as a ‘Black Everest Year’.

Source: ekantipur.com
Date: 27 April, 2014





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