Altitude and sore feet

I met my guide for breakfast at 7 am. My down jacket and two cups of coffee were successful in keeping away the morning chill. Our hike started on some meandering hills before starting a 5 hour climb that was more or less all stairs. We stopped for lunch of rice and Dahl about 3 hours in and a heavy fog rolled in, taking away our view of the world’s 8th tallest mountain and about twenty degrees. The altitude impacted me more than I thought and catching my breath was a struggle.

We passed a bunch of waterfalls with pools so clear it was like looking through a window to the rocks on the bottom. My feet are starting to get sore in my boat shoes, but I still thinks it’s worth it over the blisters I would’ve gotten from new shoes. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

Our “tea house” where we’re staying in Ghorepani /Poonhill, and might have a hot shower. It’s crazy that some of these remote tea houses have wifi. We also were passed by a local riding a mule while texting.

The views from here are supposed to be amazing but the heavy fog prevents that. Maybe the morning will be clearer.


The morning was just as foggy and it was below freezing when we started our climb to the top of poonhill. We left around 5am to get to the top for the 6:30 sunrise. I’m wearing all the clothing I have and warm enough if we’re walking uphill. The sunset was nice to watch from the summit, but we couldn’t see any of the high peaks. On the way back down, glimpses of the mountains were visible through holes in the clouds. There are big mountains everywhere covers in trees but I now realize they are only little foothills. The true mountains are larger than any I’ve ever seen and I have trouble grasping their scale. Our hike is about as long as yesterday with more up and down and I’m hoping to get some clear skies.

Tibetan toast for breakfast after poonhill and now about to start the days hike. Met a couple from new cannon, Connecticut at the tea house. Even in Nepal, I can’t escape familiar people.


Alec Bernard

Source: gandhitoindia.blogspot.com

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