Adventure Holiday in Nepal

Widely known as the Land of the Himalayas, Nepal alone is home to eight of the world’s highest peaks. This exotic country is also said to be Amazon of Asia owing to its rich biodiversity, dense forests and exhilarating wildlife habitation. For decades, travelers and trekkers worldwide have been captivated by the enigmatic history, fascinating Himalayas, alluring culture and warm people of Nepal. Apart from its natural marvels and historic-cultural splendors, Nepal is equally rich when it comes to indulging you in various adventure sports. So if you wish for the ultimate rush, following activities might just get your adrenaline pumping.

Bungee & Swing


Experience one of the longest free- fall from the world’s 10th highest bungee spot. You will be jumping off the longest suspension bridge in Nepal into one of the scariest and the most beautiful tropical gorges. You can also experience largest rope canyon swing in the world, 100 m free fall up to 6 seconds, 240 m arch of swing going up to 150 km/hour. If you wish to immerse within wild adventure that defies gravity, Bungee & Swing is the best option for you.



Paragliding in Nepal can be a truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for keen adventurers and nature-lovers. You experience unparalleled scenic grandeur and picturesque view as you soar over Himalayas while sharing airspace with birds in the sky. It will take you over some of the exotic places on earth allowing you bird’s eye view of the Himalayan ranges, jungles, local villages, lakes and much more.


Rock Climbing

 The mesmerizing mountains and the baffling landscape have made Nepal a popular place for this particular adventure sport. Rock Climbing in Nepal is garnering a lot of attention from visitors and locals alike due to the awesome natural rock faces found within majestic settings. Most of the climbers, who have been to Nepal, have been allured by the natural marvels to come back for more.

Rafting & Kayaking


Nepal is the ultimate place where mighty and powerful rivers cut through the countryside, providing an exhilarating means of viewing ever-changing scenery while you raft through the turbulent waters. Exploring Nepal via river is a unique way to get off the beaten track and embrace pristine wilderness and diverse wildlife more intimately.



Canyoning is an exciting outdoor sport that requires you to walk, scramble, climb, jump, abseil and swim down steep canyon walls to pristine pools below. So far there are about two dozen canyons in Nepal where you can experience breathtaking scenery of dense forest, natural rock formations and cascading waterfalls.


Mountain Biking

Paddle through the diverse Nepalese landscape for an invigorating biking experience. It is the best way to explore rural villages, vibrant culture, and rich flora and fauna. You bike through some of the hidden trails while discovering the exotic locales and scenic beauty.

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