7 cultural precautions while travelling to Tibet

Tourism industry is integral part of Tibetan economy. The unique Tibetan culture and the spectacular highlands found in Tibet play the significant role to boom Tibet’s tourism industry. Travelers from around the world find some unique attractions in Tibetan lifestyle and the way of living.

Culture exists in difference and it keeps human sensibilities. Paying respect to cultures while visiting different locations of the world means you respect the way how the people are living in the travelled places.

The Tibetan local traditions and their unique lifestyle are part of the charm of Tibet. The cultural charms are essence of Tibetan people which are carried out since its foundation. So, any disregard or disrespect to local cultural aspects can hurt local people.

In this concern, Himalayan Glacier stresses on the following sensible facts that should be kept in mind while touring in Tibet.

  1. Do not take photos without permission. Request before photographing people or religious sites! Just like anywhere else, some Tibetans may feel uncomfortable with having their picture taken while others may have no problem! Many monasteries and temples charge a fee for taking pictures.
  2. Do not go in a monastery without permission.
  3. It is extremely better not to smoke in monasteries.
  4. Do not touch Buddha statues, religious objects or prayer flags.
  5. Do not touch the head of a Tibetan people. The head is considered as a sacred part of the body.
  6. Do not drive away or hurt eagles. Eagles are considered holy birds in the hearts of Tibetan people.
  7. Do not disturb or injure yaks, cows or sheep with red, yellow or green ribbons because they are Tibetan sacrifice to worship gods.

Culture is delicate part of human civilization. Since, while travelling with us in Tibet we always try to assist you to understand the critical cultural issues of Tibetan people. Join at Himalayan Glacier’s Tibet tour packages and develop fantastic understanding of Tibetan cultural sensibilities.

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