2‚300 year old cave found

LAMJUNG: A 2,300-yea-old cave has been discovered in Manang district.A combined team of department of archaeology, government of Nepal and United States of America found the historically significant cave.The fact came to light after archaeologists examined the remainings recovered from Kyang cave of remote Fu VDC of the district. The remains were recovered last year.

The site lies at an altitude of 3,840 metres above sea level, little above the Khampale residence.

With the carbon dating examination of the 8.4 metres long, 1.3 metres brroad and 1.4 metres tall remains, it was verified that it was more than two decades old, said the experts involved in the research.

It is a day’s walk from Manang’s district headquarters Chame. According to the team, the cave seems partly natural and partly human-made.

Though some of the caves found earlier in the Mustang district were said to have been built for human settlement, this cave is said to have been used to bury the dead. Some chips of firewood, clay pots, and pieces of logs along with other carvings belonging to various human activities have been found. Hence, it has been said that the cave might have been used by ancient people.

Mohan Singh Lama, an officer of the department said, “We have enough evidences to prove to say that it was used by human beings, but we are yet to confirm whether it was used to live or just to bury the dead.”

Spokesperson and the Chief Officer of the department Ram Bahadur Kunwar said that a team had initiated the study of the caves in Manang as well.

Earlier, a unique cave culture was discovered at Chokhopani of Mustang in 1996. The study in the area was going on with the combined efforts of the department of archaeology and Sky Door Foundation.

Source: The Himalayan Times
Date: 7 July, 2014

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