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80 Year Old Japanese Plans to Defy Mt. Everest 3rd Time

A thrill-seeking Japanese octogenarian said Friday his third assault on Mount Everest will be the “ultimate anti-aging” remedy, despite his recurring heart troubles.

Yuichiro Miura is readying to begin his third ascent of the 8,848-metre- (29,028-foot) peak and recapture a record he previously held for being the oldest person to scale the world’s highest mountain.

The 80-year-old heads to Kathmandu next week and is scheduled to begin his climb in May, aiming to repeat a feat he first achieved in 2003 at the sprightly age of 70.

“When I was 75, I did it again and realized nothing is impossible,” the adventurer said in Tokyo.

“Making another attempt at 80 will boost my courage, willpower and motivation, bringing the ultimate anti-aging effect as a result.”

Mt Everest
Mt Everest

His 2003 record was broken in 2007 when fellow Japanese Katsusuke Yanagisawa scaled the summit when he was 71.

Miura conquered Everest for the second time in May 2008, just one day after Min Bahadur Sherchan made it to the top at the age of 76. The Nepalese is the current world record holder, according to Guinness World Records.

“I don’t care much about the world record,” said Miura, who suffers from heart arrhythmia. “The record is there for someone else to beat.”

Miura made world headlines in 1970 when he became the first person to ski down Everest — from an 8,000-metre point on the South Col route.

His parachute-aided descent was documented in the 1975 film “The Man Who Skied Down Everest” which won the Academy Award for Best Documentary.

High-octane endeavors are in his blood — his own father Keizo skied down Mont Blanc at age 99. The senior Miura died seven years ago aged 101.

Getting to the roof of the world was an idea that occurred to the younger Miura at an age when many people are starting to slow down.

“I started thinking about climbing Everest when I was 65. It was a kind of goal toward which I can dedicate myself,” he said.

He underwent surgery to correct recurring arrhythmia last November and again in January this year, as he did before the 2008 expedition. He was undeterred by a skiing accident in 2009 that left him with a broken pelvis and fractured thigh.

“My muscle power has improved since I was 70,” he insisted. “My willpower threatened to go down when I was in my early 60s but I have managed to hold myself up.”

Source: news.discovery.com - 22 March, 2013


After Island Peak climbing

I was wholehearted to go to Nepal to see the Himalayas of Nepal closely since I knew about them first. Once I had done trekking in 2005, my ambition amplified and I was determined to climb one of its peaks. Due to lack of climbing experience, I chose a little non-technical one, Imje Tse (Island Peak). I went Nepal again in November of 2009, four years after my first visit on “Destination Island Peak.”

“Although physically challenging, Imje Tse is not considered technically complicated, but weather and snow conditions can add sudden challenges and you will need to be prepared for all eventualities – including knowing how and when to use crampons, ice axe and rope techniques,” said Dendi at Himalayan Glacier Trekking. The climbing service provider, Himalayan Glacier Trekking managed experienced guides to handout some necessary skills and made me alert incase of unfavorable weather condition before flying to Lukla from Kathmandu.
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Apa reaches summit of Mt Everest, makes it 19

Legendary Everest summiteer Apa Sherpa (49 years old) has set a new record on Mt Everest by reaching the summit of the highest peak in the world for the record 19th time. He reached the summit at 8:30 pm on Thursday leading an Eco-Everest Expedition 2009.

Apa reached led the expedition to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change in the Himalayas. Apa unfurled a banner reading “Stop Climate Change, Let the Himalayan Live” on the summit. He also placed a bumpa, handed over to him by the Rimpoche of Tengboche Monastery Ngawang Tenzin Zangpo.

Mr. Apa Sherpa was felicitated by Nepal Tourism Board and other travel related associations on 26 May for his successful ascent of Mt. Everest for nineteen times. He placed a banner with a slogan of “Stop Climate Change, Let the Himalayas Live” on the summit.

Island Peak climbing and expedition 2009

In this April’09 we decided to climb the Island Peak using the services of Himalayan Glacier. The acclimation, going to Everest Base Camp and Kala-Pathar, is a very nice trek and we were so lucky each day with weather. After used the Khangmala pass, we arrived to the Island Peak area and, after two days, we achieved the summit using the Base Camp and high camp (for a better acclimation). It was a sunny day but only us did the peak this morning! We were alone in front the Lothse wall! We came back to Luckla without any problem and still with good weather (a lot of mantras had been done!).

Everest view from Kala-Pathar
Everest view from Kala-Pathar

The support, help, and friendly  and reasonable company of our guides, porters, and drivers was excellent in our trip. Specially thanks to Parkesh (trek-guide), Tiangzin (climbing-guide), and Chet (supervisor). I can highly recommend the Himalayan Glacier Trekking and  staff for anyone  who is planning to visit their country.

Jaume Rigau & Marc Rigau
Island Peak climbing and expedition 2009

Back to Australia after Island Peak climbing

Well I arrived back in Australia a few days ago, and I must say that the warm weather is nice! I just felt the need to write to you and tell you how much I enjoyed my trek to Everest base camp and the Island Peak climb and how impressed I was with the Himalayan Glacier Trekking. I was very surprised when you still chose to continue with my trip when all of the other participants had to cancel out. Obviously, running the trip for one person was not highly profitable for you but you still provided every service that you originally advertised.

Island Peak Climbing

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You will have a great hike with himalayan Glacier

Namaste !!!

You will have a great hike with himalayan Glacier. Our guide was named Dindi Sherpa and was very attenitive and alway’s put safety first. He also got the most effort out of us and helped in our success… He was a mountaineering guide so I think you would have to add one of the hiking peakes to your list  (Island Peak) most likely for his services. We had a guide(Dindi) that spoke great english and two porters for the 3 of us hiking. The program basically was every morning we gave the porters our belongings to carry and we each carried a day pack that was probobly around 5-8 pounds for day use. You would carry water,toilet paper, maybe some candy bars and some lighter or heavier clothing rain gear depending…

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Island peak climbing was great

Namaste to all of you in Nepal. I wish to thank you for the wonderful services provided to me during my stay in Nepal and Island Peak climbing. I am finally home again in the United States and getting back to my normal life. I’m sorry it’s been some time since I’ve gotten a chance to email, but it’s been very busy here.

Island peak

I hope all went well with your elections and everybody is happy. I see that Nepal is now a republic. I am writing this email to thank you and review the Island Peak expedition. I must say I was nothing more than pleased with the guide services provided to me by Himalayan Glacier , my trekking leader Bimal Thapa and climbing leader Man Bahadur. Bimal was always considered my needs and was in great shape as well.

He was very flexible in scheduling our days, because some days we were a very fast team, and were easily able to travel further than the suggested ittinerary. He was also very resourcefull when it came to knowing the names of the mountains in the area and other advice I needed. I feel that he did a great job selecting lodges along the trek that were comfortable and hospitable.

Island Peak

I felt that Bimal was more of a friend to me than a guide which made traveling alone very nice. All the logistics of the trip went well as far as food, lodging, dates, and other arrangements went. I am pleased with the fact that you were able to make such a custom itinerary such as the sightseeing tour I got to go on in Kathmandu instead of two days of rock climbing. The porter that was arranged did a fine job as well.

Man was very a very safe and patient climbing guide. He was good at setting a pace that the entire group was comfortable with. There were no technical difficulties on our climb, however he did a great job assisting some of the lesser experienced climbers achieve the summit. The food at base camp was my favorite part of the whole trip. The staff that put together our meals there did a fantastic job and I’d really like to thank them for their services! I really have no complaints worth writing that happened during my Island PEAK Climbing with Himalaya Glacier Trekking.

In short I can say you really took care of me. Look forward to meeting you guys again soon. Hope all is well and take care.

Keith Benz