What To Expect In Nepal And Bhutan Tour

Nepal and Bhutan tour is unlike any other trip around the world having fancy monasteries, picturesque Himalayan vistas, and pristine ancient cultures. Where else in the world can you claim a presence in the land of the world’s highest mountain and the only carbon-negative country?  With Nepal and Bhutan tour, you can dwell alongside the majestic mountains while immersing in the cultural diversity of two mystical Himalayan nations. In the past few years, both Nepal and Bhutan have gained their share of popularity in terms of tourism. In general, most globetrotters make their way to Bhutan for its magical aura and to Nepal for the whiff of the aromatic incense in the narrow alleyways. After all, both countries let you experience a sort of spiritual awakening!

Nestled between the giants India and China, Nepal and Bhutan are only separated by the Indian state of Sikkim. Both countries share deeply rooted religious beliefs and awe-inspiring Himalayan vistas as a constant backdrop. Not to mention the timeless Buddhist culture, the dramatic landscapes following the majestic mountains, and the vibrant and magical mantras in and around the monasteries. Bhutan is a country where Buddhist traditions thrive while Nepal boasts of being the birthplace of Buddha. And in all the similarities of Nepal and Bhutan, both countries celebrate their differences. Amidst it all, Nepal and Bhutan tour packages offer you an incredible opportunity to contemplate the elegance of these two beautiful countries. The fascinating Nepal and Bhutan Holiday package is a combined trip allowing you to cherish the freshness of natural Bhutan and admire the prehistoric temples of Nepal. Here are few insights on Nepal and Bhutan Tour. 

What to expect? Attractions of Nepal and Bhutan Tour

Serene view of Nyatapola, Bhaktapur during Nepal and Bhutan Tour

Everlasting Himalayan Vistas

The flight to Nepal and Bhutan rewards you with a bird’s eye view of the magnificent Himalayan ranges. Nepal is home to six of the highest mountains in the world including Mt. Everest, the world’s highest peak. Similarly, Bhutan is the abode to the highest unclimbed mountain Gangkhar Puensum. As you take a flight from Kathmandu to Paro, you can cherish the amazing views of the Himalayas including Jichu Drake. Additionally, you can admire the sacred Chomolhari from Drukgyel Dzong. Also, you can marvel at the spectacular views of the panoramic Himalayan ranges during the drive to Dochula Pass. Furthermore, you can soak up in the sunrise and sunset views amidst the Himalayas from Nagarkot when in Nepal. With this Nepal and Bhutan tour, you are bound to engrave the essence of the Himalayas in your memories. 

Pristine Cultures

The pristine culture is one of the highlights of Nepal and Bhutan tour. Nepal marks the birthplace of Buddha while Bhutan predominantly promulgates Buddhism. In Bhutan, over 75% of its population follows Buddhism. Their festivals, fluttering prayer flags, and the philosophy of daily lives is proof for their culture. The chortens, monasteries, and paintings on the walls reflect Buddhist philosophies practiced for a long time. As for Nepal, only 10% follow Buddhism while a whopping 80% of the population follows Hinduism. Despite the vast differences, both religions are closely entwined in such a way that it is tough to differentiate one religion from another. In Nepal, you can feel the essence of both cultures by visiting stupas and temples that take you back to medieval times. With this Nepal and Bhutan tour, you can delve into the Buddhist and Hindu cultures very closely.

Archaic temples and monasteries

Touring Nepal and Bhutan offer chances to visit the archaic temples and monasteries dating back to centuries. In Nepal, you can explore the UNESCO World Heritage sites which will give you a medieval vibe. Visiting Durbar squares that were once inhabited by the kings of Nepal will surely take you a few decades back. Likewise, Boudhanath and Swayambhunath stupas will allow you to blend in the spirituality of Buddhism. Correspondingly, in Bhutan, you will visit monasteries and Dzongs that hold traditional values. The famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery falls first on the list. The remarkable hike to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery is then followed by a visit to Drugyel Dzong, Lungchutse Monastery, Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten. Also, you can enjoy another shorter hike to Wangditse Gompa during the 5-day stay in Bhutan.

Glimpse of Monastery in Punaka during Bhutan and Nepal Tour

Scrummy delicacies

Nepal Bhutan tour is not only confined to natural and cultural visits, but you can also eat your way around in both countries. Both nations serve multiple delicacies varying in their taste and culinary arts. In Nepal, you can find a broad range of foods to savor at ranging from the typical Nepali Dal Bhat to a wider array of street foods. The scrummy delicacies will leave you wanting for more. As for foods in Bhutan, whether you will love it or despise it depends on your love for spice. The food in Bhutan is hot! The country’s national dish Ema datshi is chilies coated with cheese sauce cooked with chilly. If you are in love with spice, you are in for a treat. However, if you don’t, you can always head to tourist restaurants where you can find tailored cuisines that are gentle to your palate.

Gross National Happiness and the only carbon-neutral country

Among 195 countries in the world, Bhutan stands out with its distinctive aspects. It is the only country with the Gross National Happiness Index. It measures the well-being of the people of the country. This Gross National Happiness index aims to achieve happiness and guides the policy of the government. Moreover, there is also a legal code that implies that a government cannot exist if it cannot provide happiness to the Bhutanese people. Bhutan is also the only “carbon-negative” country in the world. The country removes more greenhouse gases than it emits into the atmosphere. After all, dense forests cover around 72% of the total land within the country.

Sightseeing in Boudhanath, Kathmandu| Cultural tour Nepal

Best Time to Travel

When it comes to traveling to the Himalayan countries, it is very important that you choose the best time to travel. Perfect weather allows you to soak in perfect views of the Himalayas. This is why picking the best season allows you to make the best out of your Nepal and Bhutan Tour. For planning your tour in Nepal and Bhutan, you can opt for spring and autumn seasons. It is spring from March and goes until May while autumn starts from September and ends in November. 

During spring, the skies are clear and blue with unobstructed mountain views. Day time is balmy with favorable temperatures. Likewise, autumn months are perfect for soaking in the sun rays that light the temples and monasteries with grace. Even early winter, which is the month of December is favorable for Nepal and Bhutan tour where you can have sheer pleasure in the pleasant weather. However, touring in monsoon is not preferred and a huge turn-off.

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