Travel Safety Tips

Traveling to different countries can be an amazing experience. You can learn so much about the world, other cultures, and even about yourself. Traveling though can put you at risk for becoming sick. There are several serious diseases that can affect you if you do not take the proper preventative measures.


Malaria is an often fatal disease that is common in Africa and South Asia. It is transmitted by the bite of female mosquitoes. Almost 1 million people die from Malaria each and every year. The symptoms of this disease begin with fever, muscles aches, and jerkiness. Those who experience these symptoms should be checked right away if traveling where this disease is common. Malaria can be treated if caught in the early stages. Keeping all areas of the skin covered and using insect repellent can help to reduce your chances of getting Malaria.


Hepatitis is a disease that affects your liver. There are several strains of Hepatitis that you can become infected with. This disease begins with flu like symptoms. It is spread through contaminated food and water, unclean medical tools, and through sex. Hepatitis vaccines are available. If you plan on traveling be sure to get vaccinated before you go.


Polio is a disease that has been controlled in some countries, but not all. Polio is still a problem in Asia, and in Africa. It is spread though contaminated food and water. If you will be traveling to these areas be sure to get a polio vaccination before you go.


Almost 40% of all travelers will get diarrhea when they travel. This is often due to contaminated or dirty water. Another common cause is ingesting foods that the digestive system is not accustomed to. Be careful what you eat when traveling. Some countries eat foods that are much different from the foods that you may be used to eating. They also use different herbs and spices which could cause you to have an allergic reaction. Drink bottled water or boil water before drinking it.


Dengue is a disease that is transmitted through insect bites. It affects both tropical and subtropical areas in both Asia and South America. To prevent becoming infected dress appropriately, covering all areas of flesh to avoid being bitten. It s also a good idea to use a strong insect repellent to avoid this and other insect causing diseases.


Typhoid is a disease that is most commonly transmitted through contaminated water and food. It cases a high fever, headache, extreme fatigue, weakness, delirium, and can be fatal. It’s a good idea to get a Typhoid vaccination before you travel to countries where Typhoid is common. The vaccination will protect you for two years.

Some Effective Preventive Measures

  1. Avoid drinking tap water when you arrive your destination. It is best to drink bottled water. If no bottled water will be available then you can boil the local water before you drink it. Boiling water removes all of the bacteria and will kill parasites.
  2. Be careful what you eat. If your digestive system is not accustomed to the new types of foods they could make you ill.
  3. Plan ahead. Make sure that your immune system is strong and that you are in good health before traveling. Taking vitamins every day and maintaining a healthy diet can help you to do this.
  4. Protect yourself from insects that could carry disease by using a strong insect repellent. Also, do not leave areas of skin exposed. Cover up to avoid being bitten.
  5.  Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands often, especially before you eat. This will greatly reduce your chances of getting sick.

Safe travels!

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