Top 15 Travel Hacks

Planning for your vacation might be time consuming but take time to read great travel tips that you can use on your next trip. Here are our top 15 Travel Hacks that is bound to make your holiday travel easy and convenient than before:

1. The Adaptor

Forgotten your phone charger? Or are you just stopping over for a short period without the correct country adaptor? Just use the USB port in your hotel television to charge your phone.

2. Skip the wait at the baggage claim with “fragile” stickers

Place ‘fragile’ stickers on your luggage, even if it is not, to ensure gentler handling by airport staff. Also, fragile items are often placed on top of the other luggage meaning it is one of the first to come out at baggage claim.

3. Scan Your Documents

Make copies of your passport, plane tickets, birth certificate, health insurance and hotel booking information before you leave. Scan all your documents, print off copies and keep them in a safe place (such as a hidden compartment in your bag). To be extra secure, you can e-mail the pictures to yourself and also store them using services such as Dropbox and OneDrive.

4. Ear Plugs

This is good advice if you are sharing a room with anyone. If you need a good night’s sleep after a long day travelling around or seeing your favorite bands, a pair of ear plugs will help block out any unwanted noise. Perfect if your roommate is partial to snoring.

5. Empty Lip Balm Tubes

If you’ve got empty lip balm tubes you might be able to use them for emergency cash. Somebody going through your bag won’t be looking for lip balm, so storing some extra notes in there should come in handy if the worst does happen.

6. Wind your headphone wires with a binder clip

Binder clips are multi-talented and can be used to both protect your razor and to wind your headphones around so they don’t get tangled.

7. The Sock

Placing delicate or breakable items inside a sock when packing will ensure that they arrive at your destination in one piece.

8. The Scarf

Packed at the top of your hand luggage, a scarf or sarong will ensure that you have an extra layer or a blanket when it’s cool and can cover up if required.

9. The Roll

Roll your clothes instead of folding to both reduce crinkles and create extra space in your bag.

10. The Ribbon

Every second person has the same black suitcase. To save yourself from picking up the wrong bag, attach a bright ribbon or sticker to yours. That way you’ll be able to spot it from a mile away on the airport conveyor belt.

11. The Jacket

Expedite the security process by wearing a jacket and stuffing the pockets with all your stuff, then place it in the bin with your shoes. Once you’re through, just pop the jacket back on and you’re on the move, while all the amateurs behind you fumble to gather their accoutrements.

12. Maps without Data

It’s an old trick but a good one. To use Google Maps offline, without paying for international data roaming charges, simply type: “ok maps” in the search browser, with the area you’re visiting already loaded. Doing this saves the region on your phone, allowing you to use it when you’re data-less and out exploring.

13. Use beer to tell if a restaurant’s overpriced

When you first arrive at your destination, check out how much a beer will set you back. Then, when you look at the menu of any restaurant you’re planning to dine at, you can use that initial beer price to gauge exactly how pricey the restaurant is.

14. Tell your credit card company you are going away

Another one of great international travel tips is, if you are travelling abroad; don’t forget to tell your credit card company or your bank. If you start using your card in another country without telling them, they might suspect a fraud and they will put your card on hold. Not helpful when you are trying to explain to a foreign waiter why you can’t pay the restaurant bill.

15. Always take a pen with you

It’s always a good idea to have a pen with you, when are travelling abroad. You will be surprised at how many forms you have to fill in for customs and arrivals purposes, both on the plane and when you arrive at your destination. Having a pen with you will save you a lot of time while you are all set to get off the plane.

Hope these tips will help you when planning your awesome getaway vacations.

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