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Wilfredy Minja

Trekking Leaders – Tanzania
English, Swahili
Since 2007 in travel industry

Skills, Knowledge & Passion

Wilfredy Minja acquired his basic education in Namanga in the Longido District, a town divided by the Tanzania-Kenya border. He completed his secondary education in Shighatini in Mwanga, Kilimanjaro region. After spending his initial years as a tour guide, Minja fell in love with the wilderness and decided to pursue the love of another outdoor education and undertook the mountaineering course. During his course, he was highly infected with this bug of leading tourists in the wild and the mountainous regions of Tanzania.

Wilfredy Minja began guiding and instructing courses on mountaineering, backpacking, and mountain medication since 2007. He is an active member of the Geography Club and the basketball team. He is very passionate about traveling to different places and swimming. When Minja is off work, he is seen to be running his own farming activities or spending time adventuring with his family. Having lived and guided in Mt. Kilimanjaro for such a long time, Wilfredy has amassed a vast experience about the mountain region, the flora and fauna of the environment. He is very happy to share his personal experience and the knowledge that he acquires with his guests during his trips to the mountains. Minja has just recently enrolled in Wildlife Safari to keep the passion of traveling burning in through him.

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