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Haji Ramadhani Yogi

Trekking Leaders – Tanzania
English, Swahili
Since 2010 in travel industry

Skills, Knowledge & Passion

Haji Ramadhani Yogi, right from his porter days has been so dedicated to his work that he has amassed huge mountaineering experience all the while. Today, he is an accomplished mountain guide and loves to share his personal experience and local knowledge and explain about the culture, tradition, people of Tanzania and their daily lifestyle to his guests. During his entire career span, Haji has been leading trips to Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru, Hot Spring, Coffee Tour, and Water Falls. He has also done trips on Beach Tourism including Zanzibar Lake Zone, Southern Eastern Zone and some Culture and Traditional Tours.

Haji Ramadhani is very passionate about providing unforgettable experiences and vast information about his country, culture and the people with his clients. He has impressive First-Aid skills and has been trained in high altitude medicine skills acquisition program. He speaks English very fluently and is able to explain everything regarding the mountain ecology to his clients with ease. Haji has led foreign trekkers from the US, UK, Germany, Canada, France, China, Sweden, Australia and many other countries to Mt. Kilimanjaro. With his familiarity with AMS, rescue and evacuation measures and customer-care services, Rock has remained one of the favorites among trekkers.

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