team Anthony Alex Kimaro

Anthony Alex Kimaro

Safari Leader – Tanzania
English, Kiswahili
Since 2010 in tourism industry

Skills, Knowledge & Passion

Anthony Alex is well known among his clients for the genial relation that he maintains during the tour. With 10 years of guiding experience, he knows his clients well and the tricks to please and make them happy. Possessing adequate skills of an exceptional safari guide, he is highly dedicated to his responsibilities. During his initial career building stage, Alex also pursued his other passions of photography and art which led his interest in birdingand natural history of Africa. He is now a full-time safari guide at a professional level as well as a bird specialist.

Anthony Alex as a person is an amazingly passionate, respectful and a very pleasant person to be with. He is highly service-minded and a humble interpreter as well and enjoys appreciating all the natural history. Apart from being a safari guide, he is also an excellent driver. He has been very fortunate to have had the exposure and be mentored by some of the best guides in the tourism industry. He believes that to become a good safari guide, one needs to be a walking encyclopedia of the natural world and have good interpretation skills along with a great sense of humor, sensibility to safety and self-confidence.

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