Nepal introduces e-device for trekkers’ safety

Nepal has introduced an electronic device to help track the whereabouts of trekkers to ensure their safety. The devices, known as e-tags or entity tags, have been introduced with the objective of keeping track of where mountain tourists go so as to provide help if and when they need rescue.

“The device will help keep track of the movement of trekkers, so that they can get help, if they get into trouble,” said Mahabir Pun, who devised the tag.

The tags transmit information through relay stations, with the help of the internet.

The device also helps the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) office maintain a record of the destinations reached by the trekkers.

“The idea is to ensure safety of trekkers,” said Pun, already a recipient of the Magasaysay Award for his effort to introduce the internet to villages in mid-western Nepal.

The device is available to trekkers against a deposit of 1,000 rupees (10.20 dollars), refundable on return.

ACAP is among the most popular destinations for trekkers in Nepal.

source: BUSINESS RECORDER, 03 Feb 2014

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