My trip to Nepal was fantastic

Annapurna Base Camp Trek – Review

My trip to Nepal was fantastic and very memorable for many reasons. I was very happy with Himalayan Glacier Trekking and the service that was provided to me. My guide was great, and ultimately it was Suresh and his attitude that helped make my trip special.
Unfortunately due to weather my flight to Lukla was canceled as we waited for 3 days and the flights were grounded for almost 12 days. I was pleasantly surprised with the Annapurna trek, and it turned out to be very enjoyable. Although I was disappointed I wasn’t able to hike to Everest base camp, Annapurna turned out to be a great trek.

Annapurna base camp hike

We spent 9 days trekking in the Annapurna region, we took it easy, and Suresh was very attentive and was accommodating to my suggestions. Some days I wanted to walk further he allowed me to do so, other days he offered sound advice on where to stay, how far to walk and provided great background on why turns out he was right. The Annapurna base camp trek could probably be done in 5-6 days, however, to truly enjoy it 9 days was very comfortable, at no time did I feel tired and always woke up excited keep moving and was never sore. When I signed up with your company I offered my money for a guide, and after two weeks with Suresh, not only did I get a fantastic guide, but hopefully a lifelong friend!!!


I was happy with my experience, I have already told several people about my trip and Himalayan Glacier Trekking. I would certainly recommend this outfit, as they delivered on every promise they made and were very helpful in providing alternatives when my Lukla flight was, and I had limited time. Several people have already told me that they are interested in visiting Nepal and I was quick to tell them to visit your website www.himalayanglacier.com… unfortunately, they may not be booking for a few months or even years, but now they have the link and will hopefully be using your services when they do.

hiking towards annapurna base camp

Suresh and I spoke about my potential return as I am interested in climbing a peak in the Everest Region. Suresh was great about discussing a possible itinerary that worked for me, and I have discussed this with several friends who are very enthusiastic about joining me, possibly in May…so I don’t think you have seen the last of me just yet!!!


Shanker Hotel – Very expensive for what it offers, not sure if it is necessary to stay there as it is further from main tourist areas in Thamel. The Hotel Encounter or similar was just as nice for half the price. Just a thought? Is it necessary? I think the gates on the hotel Shanker give the guest the suggestion that Kathmandu may be more dangerous than it is.

The itinerary that you provide with a welcome and follow up dinner is great. The equipment list is very thorough, and I brought much more than I actually needed, perhaps you should provide a season-specific list?

Although it is outlined on the website, it should be more explicit that guests may purchase a tourist visa upon entry, but require that they bring two passport type photos…We required two pieces of ID with photos…that was probably my fault.

Other than that everything was great. I would be happy to recommend Himalayan Glacier Trekking to another guest, Lonely Planet or anyone who was looking for a great time in Nepal, worry free!!! Please find some photos attached and I would be happy to send more if you are interested in anything specific!

I sincerely appreciate everything Naba, Suresh, and Binut has done for me!!!

-reviewed by Scott Rideout

8 May 2016

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