Lennart’s Review about Mera Peak Climbing

I have no complaints about the trek. I do not expect “perfection” from organizers or clients-but as long as its 90% good; then the trip will be a success.

The key positive:

The quality of the guide and the porters (as well as their seamless interaction) regarding helpfulness and mountain experience, always focusing on the objective of the client and never exhibiting negative attitude. This was awesome.

Dancing at top of mera peak
Dancing at top of mera peak

The observation:
The equipment used even by the experienced guides is sometimes lacking in standard. With a European perspective, there were places I would expect more security (ropes/crampons, etc.) but I assume this is a cultural thing in Nepal. Each region has different approaches to low and high-risk scenarios.

This was probably a result of my stomach not being in good shape, but I would have hoped for a slightly more diverse menu. Ultimately, everything tasted the same, and I know this is partly due to altitude, boiling temperature, the difficulty of transportation, etc.- but compared to treks in Latin America- there seems to be less focus on counting carbs/protein/energy, etc. I do not think this was unique to the chef, who did a very good job in challenging conditions.

Dancing Moment capture during Mera Peak Climbing
Dancing Moment capture during Mera Peak Climbing

Thanks also to you for responding very well to questions from impatient clients etc. and of course to the country of Nepal for offering such amazing scenery and hospitality.

I am going to Argentina in February and hope to be back to Nepal next October with skies.

We shot a very funny little film on the top of Mera Peak, and he wanted to see it. I have just placed it on YOUTUBE, and you can all see it.


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